Taking the first step

The pilgrimage was an invitation to experience openness, wonder and dependence on the strange ways in which God provides.

–Michael McGirr


So, I’ve wanted to blog for some time.

I’ve talked about it, thought about it and read other people’s blogs.  I’ve always been  uncertain of starting to write publicly, because I want my words to be perfectly clear, cohesive and fantastically interesting.  (Seriously realistic expectations there, Sarah.)

But of course, all I can do is simply start writing.  Let the imperfection mash up against the interesting thoughts. Watch it all come out in the wash.

I am going to accept a job today that will take me farther away from the life I’ve been trying to create for myself than I could ever have imagined.

I dream about community and stability and deep roots in one place, and yet I feel God calling me to travel to ASIA for the next 6 to 8 months.  That’s NOT surely anything I would have planned. I would have planned  to hang up my performing hat except for the occasional local production wherever I live.

GOD has planned for me to travel the world (literally) singing in a musical with a nun habit on my head! (Sigh….does he ever plan on me getting married? Apparently not anytime in the next year.)

If you’re still reading this, {thank you for that!} I hope you’ll be on board to read this online journal sorts.  I’m calling it  Confessions of A Protestant Nun.

 {Not a bad blog title, if I do say so myself.}

I’m scared and excited and hopeful and apprehensive and anxious and calm and sure and a little sad.  I’m mourning my own dreams that are dying for the moment and grateful and excited that God’s dreams for my life are being birthed, with provision far greater than I could ever accomplish in my own limited strength.

Here comes the adventure! I’m just going to strap in, hang on, and get ready for the unexpected and amazing ride God has planned!!!

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