A Month’s Worth of ‘Happy’ Moments

Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us all without words?”  -Marcel Marceau

  —“Let your brain be your heart’s soldier.”  -Po Bronson, “What Should I Do With My Life?”

–putting one foot in front of the other while carrying a broken heart.

–chocolate soymilk

“Remember, this is somewhere between professional and talking to guys with beer bellies.” -My best friend Janie, giving me voice direction for her current film editing project.

–Getting a phone call from a NYC casting agent thanking me for flying out to NYC for an audition. (When do they ever care enough to do that?!)

–Listening to a concert pianist from Redeemer Church in the Steinway Hall in NYC play Brahms and Charles Ives flawlessly on a breathtakingly beautiful Steinway Grand.

–Wandering the multiple rooms with rows and rows of pianos amidst beautiful artwork in the Steinway Hall playing various Steinways myself.

–Watching the movie La Vie En Rose with my Godparents

–Walking through the streets of the upper west side in NYC, listening to my ipod, on a sunny afternoon.

–Happy Hour at Blue Mesa Grill with friends eating free quesadillas and good salsa.

–Taking a decent passport photo.

–Charlie Peacock singing In The Light with Sara Groves on background vocals

–The voices of Young Life special needs kids lifted in praise to the Lord.

–Every song Sara Groves sang at the piano during her concert.

–wounds healing

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