Chinese Shopping Trips






Good Evening friends–it’s me, live from Wuhan!  I haven’t been the best photographer as of late (or most of the time, for that matter), but no one can say I’m not an enthusiastic traveller!

(I’ve posted pictures of each day’s activities from this week above.  Below, I’m attempting to tell the stories behind them.}

The last two days I have been scrambling around Wuhan looking for gifts/souvenirs/tokens of my journey.  Even more importantly to me now, I’m scouring markets for the perfect gifts for loved ones back home.

Yesterday, my friend Jen and I stumbled upon the “New World” shopping center, which consisted of a VERY upscale department store.     Jen bought some fabulous shoes for very cheap–the selection was quite extraordinary for a small foot.

I on the other hand, came up with nada for my big-foot-at-size-9-in-china feet.  (The salesperson actually pointed and laughed out loud when I showed her my shoe and attempted to ask for my size.)  We also found an always-welcome-taste-of-home at Starbucks, along with some interesting specialty stores.

The previous day,  Anika {our tour’s hair and makeup guru} and I visited the shops near Walmart and the ‘walking district’.  I snapped a photo of an olympic ad on one of the large buildings.   Right near the stores, there were a variety of plastic figures scattered throughout the walkways of the shops.    {I took a picture near one of the ladybug figures for my friend and roommate back home.  What do you think, Alecia?!}

We found a few great gifts at the vendor stands outside the department store, and while there, looked at the menu of the restaurant next door in hopes of grabbing a snack.

While there actually were many dishes on the menu that looked tasty, one of the pages caught my eye, in let’s just say, a stomach-grabbing-what-in-God’s-name-is-that?!?  kind of way.  The food descriptions were simply scary! I’ve posted the menu pic above so you can get a load of it yourself.

We really aren’t making up or embellishing the scary things we see on menus here when we call home, folks.  Octupus and Squid Cartilage??  Just sayin’.

I came back to the hotel and grabbed my friend Clay to split a cab fare to the Carrefour.  (Think Walmart, but better–and French.) We shopped for groceries, and I picked up some knick knack gifts.

I also couldn’t help shooting some pics of our surroundings to give you a general idea of our day to day existence over here.  Yes, I know for all practical purposes, it’s just a grocery store, but the seemingly mundane experiences over here, are anything but–and are some of my favorite explorations.

The first photo above is of a few of our amazing orchestra members–amazing Ukranian musicians stocking up on their favorite Carrefour items (that would be Nataylia, Oleg, Pasha and Sergei)  ; the produce section next to the mystery spices (since I can’t read over here); and my personal favorite, Clay ‘gawking’ at the chopstick aisle.  It was right next to the silverware, which is not included in the picture.

It was a successful shopping venture–complete with a KFC {one of the random fast food chains they have over here) run for a chicken dinner.

How’s that for full circle on the other side of the world?

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