Another Day at the Office….

{Here’s a quick postscript to my last post, as all of the photos I wanted to share didn’t document our shopping excursions.}

The shows have been flying by without a hitch, as per usual.  We have affectionately dubbed our dressing room in this city “The Loft”. It’s up an extra flight of stairs, which normally would be annoying and inconvenient, but we get a strong internet wireless signal in the entire room AND have a western toilet–MAJOR perk and lap of luxury for Chinese theatre dressing rooms, my friends!  (The girls downstairs in the principal dressing room are jealous!)

Last night when I came into the dressing room after my scene work,  I giggled and had to snap the picture above of the 3 “trio contest singers” hard at work on their laptops.   They all wear the exact same crazy wigs and dresses, and the rapt look of concentration at their computer made me smile and remember that I currently have such a “not normal” job.  How fun is it that this is as close to cubicle life as we could get here?!   The other picture is the sign pointing the way to our theatre–the Hubei.

I wish I had snapped more photos to post here, but alas, the travel tales will have to be saved for tomorrow.  I’m forcing myself to get to sleep at a somewhat decent hour so I can get moving early tomorrow and get alot done, as our time in Wuhan is quickly dwindling away!

It’s so hard to believe I will be flying home so soon, but that’s another story for another blog post.

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