A Day at the Office, Part 2…backstage!

Hello my Friends!

I have been meaning to post pictures of the backstage process for everyone reading overseas. (Sorry there’s only one picture in this post – be on the lookout for more in the future).

This show is honestly a very comforting evening of work–a performer’s dream, you might say.  

You explore a foreign city all day, performing your game of charades almost every moment to communicate since you can’t read or speak to anyone in their native tongue. But through the process, you come to realize that theatre can actually be the same experience here.  Its a common denominator if you’re in Dallas,  New York, or yes,  even CHINA.

True, your dresser’s (theatre lingo for people who help with costume changes backstage) don’t speak much or any English really, and you’re  usually performing some major pantomiming to get costume changes correct.  The fact is, the process of warming up, getting into costume, set changes, scenery shifts and the laughter from the audience are universal gifts of the theatre.

You feel a kinship with the tech/backstage local crew even here.

As we step into each new theatre, our commonality unites us.  

The picture above is me putting my makeup on for the party scene as Baroness Elberfeld.  My dress is a fun gold sparkly thing, which I adore.   Tomorrow I’m looking forward to taking some photos of my full costume sets with our wig designer and costume coordinator.

 I hope my readers that don’t frequent the stage would enjoy a backstage peek.

I’ll try and post more of these types of shots and stories from tomorrow’s show.

I’m flying back to the States on Sunday–what an unexpected birthday present!

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