The Sleepy Land Known As Jet-Lag

I hate posting without including pictures from my journey, but given my jet lag state, I simply can’t process sorting through photos and being technical.

I’m blissfully happy in my sleepy state here in Kansas,  staying for the moment,  with extended family.  There’s a cup of Nescafe to my left, (from a mix packet I brought home from China) and the smell of fabric softener on my freshly laundered sweatshirt is delighting my senses. (Any of you who spoke to me in China know about the lack of good laundry facilities there, and the complete lack of any scent of freshly laundered clothes.)

I’m looking out the window at the sunny, spring day. I am about ready to pack everything up and head to Texas for the bulk of the month.  There, nomad events like sleeping on a variety of couches and guest bedrooms await, but also the love and kindness of seeing my dear friends, going to church, and perhaps even a temp job or two if I’m lucky.

It is a gift to be back in the states, and though part of me wishes I took the buyout the tour offered and travelled to Malaysia, I know there will be other times to travel on my own, and even more travel will await me all too soon.

This moment of mine is full of contentment and gratitude.

And happily lacking any subtitles.


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