Texas In My Rearview Mirror

Hello Dear Friends,

So I’m once again headin’ out of Texas.  I’ve got the wind blowing in my hair (ok, not really, just the air conditioning blasting with all it’s might because it’s soooo hot) and my country music blaring on the radio.  I’ll no doubt listen to Pat Greene’s Texas On My Mind as I ride out of town on a jetplane tomorrow.   For right now though,  I’m soaking up country music radio stations–which I GUARANTEE I won’t experience anywhere int the eastern hemisphere.

I will miss so much about this place!

I’ll miss my dear sweet friends (you know who you are), cooking meals with my best friend and her roommates (along with the sweetest laborador in Texas–Molly).  I’ll miss having wonderful conversations with my wise and fun-loving housemate.  I’ll miss good shopping. I’ll definitely miss shoe stores with sizes big enough to fit my size 9 feet, dinners with portions as big as the state (ok, so this is probably a plus, eh?) and so much more I don’t have time to mention here.

I am driving to Kansas today for some quick family time before I spend 20 or so odd hours either on a plane or in an airport, so if you’re the praying kind, please pray travelling mercies for me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Here we go, another touring adventure!  I can hardly believe that exotic locales such as Harbin, more performances of The Sound of Music, a tiger reserve or two, and of course Chenglish all await!

I’ll write more soon before I leave stateside.   If you read this, please leave me comments so I know you’re out there–I miss all of you so much already!

Love, and more Love,

Your Protestant-Musical-Performing-Nun


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