Last Minute Overseas Travel Prep

It’s almost 1 am.

I am sooo sleepy, but I’m trying to keep my weary eyelids open for last minute packing.

Today, I have been shopping for things that the Chinese dont have, or at least I have been hard pressed to find there in my previous travels.  I’ve also been enjoying  luxuries like western food with large portions, (That’s western hemisphere folks, not food from a chuck wagon), western toilets (please don’t ask me unpack the ‘squattie potty’ for you here), being able to read signs everywhere I go, and most importantly, my loved ones.

I very excitedly used my new digital camera today to take pics of family, and I will be blogging regularly once I get to China.  I leave for the first leg of my flight (to Chicago) in a few short hours.

I pray I have everything I need.  I hope I didn’t overpack, and that I remembered to charge everything that needs to be charged. I am quickly realizing this post is just talking about mundane travel prep instead of something profound, but know that I am thinking of all of you that I love.  I will be missing you when I’m on the other side of the world.

I am both thrilled and excited for the gift of this adventure before me, and sad that I am leaving home right as I got excited to try to settle in one spot again.  However,  I know I’ve spent too much time thinking about the past and the future, while I’ve been the greatest gift in this trip.  I am truly going to practice enjoying the present moment given by God on this adventure. I’ve wanted to see Harbin–a city in the far northern part of China, 3 hours from Siberia– since I first read about it!

Siberian Tiger Reserve, Russian-Chinese-Church of the St. Sophia, and crazy-hot-nun costume, here I come!!

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