Just Another Day in Harbin

Thought I’d dash off a  quick post to share some pictures from the last few days here in Harbin, China. (Sorry the photos appear so small on my blog.  Click on them for an enlarged view.)

These pics were all taken around the theatre/hotel area where we are staying .

The first picture is an interesting cultural difference I keep forgetting to document on film.
On our way back from eating  tasty dumplings at a restaurant down the street from the theatre, we saw a ‘meeting’ of sorts–a gathering of restaurant employees out in the street before their shift.  It is common here for them to all meet outside for a ‘pep talk’ if you will before the day.  They even exercise together!   (The tall building in the background of the shot is our hotel).

The second picture down was taken on our walk back from another scrumptious lunch at said ‘dumpling’ restaurant. Note the hilarious ‘No Honking’ sign we are all standing near. (I’ll take pics of the food soon, I promise).

The third picture down is me in front of the massive theatre entrance with all of the Music Festival banners waving.

The fourth picture down was taken during a walk down the main street in Harbin.   Tthere are many “Russia Store” shops, selling everything from Russian vodka and chocolates to Russian pewter–as we are a mere three hours from Siberia!

I also took some video of my first cab ride in Harbin last night–a harrowing experience, let me tell you!  (Unfortunately, I am having technical difficulties downloading it to my blog, I’ll try to post it at a later date).

It’s already the 4th of July here.  Its so strange not to be in my own country on this day, but our New York City based group of thespians will no doubt display our own brand of patriotism today loud and proud! I am proud to be an American, and given my location today, I am grateful and humbled for that privilege that I will never take for granted!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend friends!

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