In which I share my love for Hong Kong and Chinese caves!
















I don’t have alot of time to write (I know, surprise, surprise).  I’ve spent too long talking with my friends this morning on email and Skype.  (Which is a lifesaver for someone with no budget for an out-of-country phone bill!)

Here are some photos of my jaunt to Hong Kong as well as a pic of me in the Caves outside of Nanning. (Again, I apologize for the small size. You should be able to click on the individual photo for a larger view.)

To address the obvious, yes, I was as sweaty as you think–note the huge sweat stain on my shirt.  It was ridiculously hot and humid before we got into the cave, but inside the cavernous walls, it was gloriously damp and cool!

I have many, many more cool shots that I’ll post soon, but as I can only post 5 pictures per post, I’m including pictures of one of my new favorite cities– Hong Kong!

I really was surprised at how much I loved this city.   I know I only spent one very short day there, but I almost felt it was a place I could live, independent of a tour.   It is definitely a city I will come back and visit–next Monday, as well as when our tour plays Macau in a few weeks.

We walked around the Central District and rode the ferry to the Kowloon side of town, where we took in a magnificent skyline view and small light show after the sun had set. We ended the evening with dinner at one of  the best Indian restaurants I’ve ever experienced.  We were right next to a small band playing soft and inviting Indian tunes. The woman singing had the sweetest motherly face, and one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard.

I’m off to find a place to eat dinner and I’m also hoping to squeeze in a small bit of exploring before heading to the theatre for our opening night in Shenzhen.

Tonight and closing night’s performances are a benefit for the families and children affected by the major earthquake that happened here this spring.  (Its epicenter was in one of our first tour cities, Chengdu.)   I know it will be a moving  experience for all of us.  Everyone of us in the company want to give this community the best show we can!!

I know a show can seem silly and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but I hope it gives our audience some joy and respite from the pain they’ve experienced for a few short hours.

Till next time!

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