Goodbye Shenzhen, Hello Guangzhou!

























It’s into the wee hours of the morning here in the far east, but I thought I should at least put down a few words.

Forgive my lack of blogging as of late.  We had our closing show in Shenzhen tonight, and we drive to Guangzhou tomorrow, which thankfully, is only a 2 hour drive away.   While some may say, “Why don’t they fly you all the time?” trust me, with the number of people in our company and the strict Chinese flight restrictions, it’s actually a joy to just get on a bus and relax for a few hours.  I always like seeing more of the country that way anyway.

The shows went well here in Shenzhen, and I had my first understudy rehearsal for Elsa.  While that was great fun, my understudy days here are short lived.  We won’t be out here long enough for me to have to go on.  (But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.) The rehearsal  went very well–I’m going to take some pictures in my (fabulous!) wig and costumes, and see if any of you recognize me!

I feel bad that I don’t have alot of culture and stories to share from Shenzhen, but I spent most all of my free time here in Hong Kong.

I did take some pics of the interesting architecture in the financial district here, (see the first picture above).   I also had to share my ‘goofy pic of the week’ (I know, I know, how can I pick just one?!)  of my find in the sushi section of the grocery store.  It is indeed a fun reminder that “I’m not in Dallas anymore”.

Yes folks, that’s a LARGE piece of octupus tentacle/barnacle/insert favorite-sea-dwelling-creature’s-appendage word here. It’s wrapped up right next to the regular California rolls.  Its things like this that make grocery shopping here a  fascinating experience!  (Janie, if you’re reading this, as my favorite ‘foodie’,  I thought you’d appreciate it!)

I also have another Hong Kong shot up there for fun, and a cool shot of one of the monkeys and her baby outside the mouth of caves in Nanning.  They boldly came right up to us without fear, and begged for food.

Since its late in the evening here, I need to catch at least a few hours of shut eye before getting up for our travel day tomorrow.   I  look forward to writing more soon!

p.s. Forgot to share the most important tidbit of news: we got word today that our show is closing early, and I will be flying back to the states towards the end of next month, instead of at the end of the year as was originally planned.  I have very mixed emotions about all of this, but I will blog about that in another post.

Know I’m excited to see all of my loved ones!

But for now, goodnight!

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