China Post









I’ve just returned from a long walk to mail some clothes home via China post. I was surprised that it was a very quick and easy process, and under 30 US dollars.  It is very common to have walking bridges over the highways here, which is where I stood to take these photos.

Talk about the ‘hazy days of summer’!   I can’t tell if the haze in the pictures above is just pollution or the fact that I might actually be able to see the heat waves here in China. I planned on sight seeing today, but stomach issues kept me in the hotel room.

I’m longing for another Mango slurpee on the way to the theatre today, but our lovely little local 7-Eleven seems to be out. I mean come on, when it’s this hot, you’ve just got to break down and slurp a slurpee.  Its a Chinese summer imperative.)

As we walked through the streets of Guangzhou today on our way to China Post, I tried to think through and articulate my feelings at being here in China.

It’s amazing, to look around at every little thing you see and, as its all new to your senses, experience each small foreign event fully. From the strange and exotic smells as you walk through the streets, to dodging the various men and women on bicycles with their straw hats, and huge loads of cargo strapped to the rear wheel, that look like they will at any minute, precariously fall into the street.

I want to take in each sign, each lush green plant, each stranger’s expression that gawks at me with a mixed expression of curiosity and complete confusion. (As the people of this country are a beautiful sight to me, they don’t see many blonde blue eyed gals on any sort of regular basis either.)

I am starting to recognize the shape of some Chinese characters, but of course, I still can’t read a thing. The fruit stands all look exotic and strange and interesting, and the beautiful color’s of the dragon fruit have now become a commonplace item on my breakfast plate.

I passed 2 old men literally laying out flat in front of the storefronts, their heads propped on stacks of newspapers, as they took their afternoon siestas. This amazing and strange world to my Western mind is full of so much beauty, and so many practices to learn and take home to my own cultural experience.

I still find the best way to breach the language barrier, as simple and cliched as it sounds, is a smile. We all of us say so much without using a single word. I am learning to read people’s body language and expressions here very quickly. I hope they are able to see mine. I hope they see more than anything, a thankful heart, and my divine Father’s spirit.

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