Chinese Travel Photos

As our schedule is tight this week, I have just a few short minutes to share some pics!
(Again, sorry for the small size.  Click on them individually for a larger view!)
This was taken right off of the plane in the Fuzhou airport. We’re less than a week from the summer Olympics–yippee! There are Olympic signs like this one all over the place, and I love them!
The view flying into Fuzhou from my window seat. (I never thought I’d see the other side of the Pacific! Looking forward to seeing the China Sea a little bit more up close.)
A beautiful view on the lake where we’re staying in Fuzhou.
Peering into the doorway of a gorgeous tea house on Shaiman Island back in Guangzhou.
Our various complimentary treats on the plane: ‘digestive biscuits’, sweet green tea,and a hand towelette.
There are so many other new photos to post, I will be putting new posts up like crazy here hopefully in the next day or so.
Till next time!

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