things i love…

the sound of the ocean

holding hands
white crown molding
cake covered in thick buttercream frosting
soft cuddly dogs
bookends with too many books inbetween them
scent in the air after it rains
Matt Chandler’s podcasts
Chinese tea made by a Buddhist monk in Fuzhou, China
writing with a fabulous pen
Grey’s Anatomy–any episode, any season
laundry pulled from the dryer that smells like Tide & Downey
soft pillowcases
the folk version of the song “Hey Ya” by Obidiah Parker (on my blog playlist)
worship by Jeff Johnson
Chips & queso
singing worship music
performing on stage
finding new artists that I love and downloading their stuff (on indie websites or itunes)
conversations on faith/spirituality/theology that run deep
the Biblical definition of Fellowship
a good massage

What do you love?


One comment on “things i love…

  1. What do I love?? Ummm DITTTO! Love crown moulding, so funny you put that, and everything else you put! And Key lime bundt cake, thats what Im thinking about right now!

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