Writing Insecurity & Musings

Too often we take notes on writing, we think about writing but never do it.  Walk into the heart of the storm, written words dripping off hair, eyelids, hanging from hands.        

~Natalie Goldberg

It is so easy to start browsing the sea of incredibly creative and interesting blogs out there, and be overwhelmed with thoughts like “I’ll NEVER write like that!”  “She/He’s so creative!”  “What’s the point of writing my piece when there’s so many other things to read!”

That might not be your inner monologue, but too often, it becomes mine, I’m sad to admit.  I used to be known for my tenaciousness and ambition, but somehow, a few sucker punches along the way, and wearisome bones made those qualities hide up in the recesses of me.  However, I’m happy to report, I’m on my way to a COME-BACK folks!

When I first started blogging, there wasn’t such a saturation in the Internet world, and really, I had no purpose for my writing other than to happily journal my travels to friends near and far.  I actually went through one of my old journals today – looking for a list of favorite books to send to a friend – and was surprised to find some of my older writings just as luscious and interesting as the blogs and books I’m reading today!    How often our inner angst and personal adventures are better viewed from the objective lens of the future.  We can’t see their beauty while in the moment, we only see disdain and imperfections.

I’m so glad my journals remind me of my dogged determination and follow through of writing.  They have been a constant for me since my junior year of college (and Lord knows, that’s a longer time than it seems).  I love to write them, read about them, and teach others of their value in their own lives.


“Go now, write it on a tablet for them, inscribe it on a scroll, that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness.”     -Deuteronomy 27: 2-3, 8

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