Day 11…What I’m Learning and The Glass Half Full

I’ve never written for a blog post series, or quite frankly anywhere (not even in my beloved journal) for  31 days straight.  I knew this exercise would be a challenge for me the moment I signed up, especially given the topic I’ve chosen.  And while its a great thing to be moved past your point of comfort to unknown and stretchy places so you can learn and grow–the day I feared in these 31 days has surprised me by coming quicker than I anticipated…

What do I say next?

Though I’ve blogged before as a travelling actress, it really was only to narrate my specific adventures in musical theatre touring.  Blogging daily not only about your life, but your thoughts, philosophies, questions, and musings is not as easy and whimsical you might first think.  However, whether or not my words are read by one person, or more than a handful, I’m finding it’s surprisingly rewarding.  We live in an incredible time period where we can write whatever is on our minds, and with a simple click of the button, send it out into the Internet universe for any ones eyes to see.

This daily writing exercise is not for the faint of heart…. 

I am most definitely still in the thick of the active waiting process in my everyday life.   I must say its a wonderful opportunity to attempt to see beauty in every moment.   I’m still waiting regarding my recent  audition and my husband’s job prospects I blogged about a few posts ago.  Usually I stew over  and wonder about the outcome with worry, but I’m thrilled to say this writing adventure is making these moments I live anything but sluggish and stagnant.

Active waiting is helping me  in little and big ways each day.

I’m learning to:

  • continue the practice of taking in each moment as a glorious gift
  • be content right where I am
  • delight more in my daily devotional time
  •  worry less.
  • be grateful for the gift of things moving slowly, instead of frantically trying to rush them and worry about the outcome…

I delight in saying….

What are you waiting for today?  And what are you learning while you wait for it?
Resources for today’s active waiting:
“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
Joseph Campbell

4 comments on “Day 11…What I’m Learning and The Glass Half Full

  1. i would agree…blogging everyday is not for the faint of heart…I am sure at the end…you will have gained alot…kudos to you for stepping out and doing this…
    I too and learning to drink from the half full glass…

  2. Wonderful post. It seems like I am waiting for a lot these days, more specifically a door to be opened, patience is hard.. but so worth it. Love this post, I couldn’t imagine blogging for 31 days in a row! Blessings to you on your journey.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words everybody! Emily – I’m a huge fan of your blog, and so blessed that you came by to visit/read…:) I appreciate the positive feedback on the waiting topic, because I was beginning to think I picked the worst topic ever!(I’m glad to be discovering I was wrong about that:) Blessings to all of you!

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