Day 15…Take A Break From the Waiting

   Today’s a most beautiful fall day here in the land of Texas…

We had one of the most blazing hot summers ever recorded this year – seriously, I thought I was living on the surface of the sun!  I begged the Lord for cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and the gift of another season…

I waited out the delirious summer, and I’m happy to report that…

 fall is here at last!

So for this reason, (and perhaps a few more), I am taking a break from the waiting  (on this blog at least) to enjoy the gift of the day….

And so should you!

Though I will continue to enjoy the days of fall, I’ll be back here tomorrow to continue our blog series,

So get off the computer, take a break from the waiting…and have an adventure or two….I dare ya!!!

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
–Carl sagan

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