Days 27 & 28…When You’re Just Sick of the Waiting…

I read a very truthful sentence on another blog, and I’m going to share it with you because it’s how I feel in this very moment… Sometimes I get tired of the sound of my own (bloggy) voice.  Especially when its continually talking at me about w a i t i n g…. 🙂

I’ll stop the continual tirade I give you about why I didn’t post daily for this hugearific amount of time this time around, and only say I’m sorry I haven’t got as much writing follow through as I aspire to have.  I am showing my procrastinator bloggy stripes, I’m afraid.  And I suppose you could say that I was giving my thousands   two loyal readers the ultimate exercise in Active Waiting as you kindly and dutifully checked back to this site, only to see Day 26 continually dangling in the bloggy air…and it was already the 30th…(sigh)

I must say around the 27th day of Active Waiting, I hit a breaking point of sorts…I felt blah in my writing, blah in the waiting….just, well…BLAH if you will…

But then, thankfully, the Lord smiled down on His little goofball child (moi) and her amazing husband (The Love of My Life) and gave us news that cheered our little waiting hearts…

We don’t have to wait much longer…:)

While we are still in the waiting game for the details, it looks like The Love of My Life and I will be going on a little travel adventure for my husband’s work…We will be packing our boxes and going to the land of my birthplace and beginnings…only for a short while, mind you – we couldn’t commit to leaving Texas permanently 🙂 – but within that journey there will be many wonderful adventures for the both of us… I can’t wait to blog more about it!   Can I perhaps Ieave that little caveat dangling in the air so you’ll tune back in? (And don’t worry – you won’t have to actively wait for it for long – when we get the deets in the next few weeks,  I’ll be telling you more about it for sure…

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You got that right, Mr. Warhol….

It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! 
 And it doesn’t lie.  If it seems slow in coming,
  It’s on its way. It will come right on time.
Habbakkuk 2:3b

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