Day 31…When the Waiting Is Finally Done…A Celebratory Gathering

We have finally reached the finish line of the 31 Days of Waiting….can I tell you how gloriously happy that makes me?   (Of course, I also feel a tinge of embarrassment that it’s now Nov. 13th…ummmm, better late than never, right?)   Though I may have spent a little bit of this blog series adventure lamenting my lack of creative words, I have absolutely loved this journey of 31 days of blog posts.  It has been a challenge to write on a subject that doesn’t come naturally to me, and though there were moments I wanted to throw the computer out the window in writer’s block frustration, (or agonizing over learning the latest technical process of sprucing up a post) this process has helped me realize how much I enjoy the blogging journey.  I am so excited to learn more and grow this little piece of blog-estate as God continues to see fit!
I thought it fitting on this final day of the series to tell you about my celebration at the end of last month. (translation: the party I threw when my 31 days series should have been wrapping up – can I ask for grace for my procrastinating ways once more?)  I was elated to host a Fall Open House/Gathering in part to introduce my nearest and dearest pals to the beautious home decor products I am happy to offer asa Blessings Unlimited Consultant.

I must preface this narrative by saying that I’m not a natural ‘party thrower’…I love attending them, and helping other give them, but as much as I wish I had the consumate hostess gene, its definitely something I am learning slowly but surely.  I was a bit nervous, as this was my first gathering personally thrown by yours truly.     Our first guest to arrive was our amazing friend Pam who indeed does have the most amazing gift of hospitality.  She helped me get things organized along with my best friend Janie.    As soon as the guests began ringing the doorbell and entering with hugs and hellos, my nerves melted away into joy as  the soup simmered on the stove, and the laughter and joy began ringing through the house!

Blessings Unlimited is a part of the Christian company Dayspring, and they specialize in home and kitchen decor, as well as cards, journals, and other awesome gifts with an eternal message.   Their product have beautiful Scriptures and/or messages displayed prominently in their design.

I particularly love this message on their lazy susan – it matches a beautiful platter (see collage photo below) that a gathering hostess can earn for free!

Blessings Unlimited is a  relatively new company, with about 1900 consultants nationwide.  While that may sound like a lot, consider that a direct sales company like Mary Kay has at least a million consultants.  As they are a division of Dayspring, who is in turn owned by Hallmark, they have a solid and established reputation of excellence and service.    This is a wonderful time to get involved on the ground floor and build a personal business at your own pace.   If you’re looking for a flexible job that you could do part time on the side, or full time from home on your own schedule, it’s a fabulous company to check out!  I didn’t know if I was cut out for a consultant job – the last thing I want to be is a pushy salesperson.  But I’ve happily found being involved with Blessings isn’t anything like that.  I’ve truly enjoyed offering products with a deeper message that always points to eternal truth.  Having their products in my own home has blessed me as well…when I’m frazzled or worried, I take a calming breath, and remember messages like these…

But back to our particular gathering party!  I so enjoyed sharing the Blessings products and message with friends old and new…  Though it technically was an open house, I decided to go all out a little bit more than usual with my vittles, and we feasted on a lovely autumn menu that included Winter Lentil Soup, crusty bread, homemade hummus and pita chips,hot apple cider, sparkling blood orange soda and a smattering of delish dessert snacks including red velvet cookies and trail mix.

Here’s a sampling of the Blessings Unlimited fall catalog
     While I did take the time to share about the products and opportunities to become a consultant, we spent the majority of the time just enjoying the gift of company and friendship.  This summer has been one of transition as I got married and moved to another city…I’ve lived the nomads life before, and I’m used to starting over, but this transition was a bit solitary at first.  Finding amazing new friends through our amazing church and spending time with old friends is a gift of answered prayer amidst the ‘wait.’  I’m grateful beyond measure to be a part of such a loving community –  spending time with these amazing ladies made this gathering extra special….
     Thank you, kind readers for sticking with me as I’ve labored through to the Active Waiting finish line…of course, in our everday lives, the waiting continues, but I’ve learned through my writing experience that moments of waiting can be fruitful, abundant, productive and full of growth.  No doubt I will experience many more periods of time in my life when I am waiting for something…an answer, a circumstance, a breakthrough, a blessing…  I am so grateful that the Lord will never leave me unattended, and has better plans for me than I could dream up myself.    Remember, if you are waiting for anything, you don’t have to wallow in stagnation or succumb to fear or passivity.  You can always remain Active in your moment, and trust that in the proper time, the waiting will be over…And you might even find yourself enjoying and treasuring your moments of stillness as a gift of the Waiting Place…
   I’m thrilled to move on in the continual blog writing journey…Up next is more news on upcoming adventures, travels, stories, product reviews…and…. wait for it…. (sorry, I couldn’t resist)
My first blog giveaway!!
I can’t imagine leaving our journey together without another beautiful musical morsel…check out what Sara Groves has to say about waiting below….
“I’ll Wait” by Sara Groves (on her new album “Invisible Empires” )
 Kindly remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit pause on the playlist before viewing
Though this is the end of the series on waiting, we are still linking up today with Graceful Michelle.  Her blog is a place of peace, faith & beauty.  I was truly honored to be a part of her Hear It Use It weekly post last week…The day I wrote those words, I had no idea that my words would resonate with anyone else – I was so blessed that the Lord used them in Michelle’s life.  Her blog is one of my regular reads – visit her blog, read her words and be encouraged!

We are also linking up with Jen at Finding Heaven.  Happy Birthday Soli Deo Gloria!  I’m a new reader to Jen’s wonderful blog – her writing has such clarity and compassion, and her drawings are exsquisite!  I have been so grateful to learn of and be a part of such wonderful blogisphere communities!!
My intention was not for this post to be simply a sales pitch.  In the midst of my waiting, one of the things I have loved about being a Blessings Unlimited consultant is having the privilege and joy of combining a personal business with ministry and encouragement.  If you’re interested in hosting a gathering of your own, ordering any of the beautiful items pictured above, or want to learn more about being a consultant, please visit my personal Blessings website for more information.
This is the final post in a series of 31 Days of Active Waiting…kindly click the tab at the top of the page for links to the rest of the posts.  Thanks again for joining the journey!

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