Tuesdays Unwrapped…Simply Grateful

So I have writer’s block.


I admitted it.

But regardless of my lack of creativity, I am still happy to be a part of Tuesdays Unwrapped over at Chatting At The Sky with a bunch of beautiful and creative souls whose blogs overflow with artistry and inspiration.

I was in bed yesterday with a pretty intense sinus infection, so I am elated to be up and moving today.  These past few weeks I’ve experienced so much joy! I’m grateful for gifts of both the simple quiet moments, and the seasonal events:

1) My husband and I snapped a quick photo in our church lobby after the second service of our church’s Christmas cantata.  My wonderful friend LouAnn snapped this picture as soon as she saw us standing by the Christmas tree.  I can’t say enough about how much I love our church family.

2) I love the title of our church’s aforementioned cantata–taken from a favorite hymn.  I am absolutely estatic to have such a wonderful church home.   Singing all 3 services with my church family made me delirously happy.  I may have had to lay my larynx on the floor after repeatedly singing sustained high A’s & B’s, but hey – it’s what a singer/artist lives for!   Singing glorious Christmas music with 150 other voices and a 50 piece orchestra is bliss–if that doesn’t put you in the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what will!

3) Last week I went to the Waffle House for the first time in years! I met my Soul Twin for a delightful breakfast, and had such a wonderful time catching up, laughing, and spending time with one of my dearest friends on the planet.  In case you most likely can’t read the caption on the photo due to my amazing photo editing skills, do any of you remember the David Wilcox song, “Waffle House”?   It was the musical soundtrack for that morning’s visit.

4) Whilst visiting family in Arizona on Thanksgiving, I was thrilled to take an afternoon and drive to Tucson to visit my dear, kind college vocal teacher and his beautiful wife.  I had not seen them in over 10 years, and I was thrilled and delighted to spend time reconnecting with them!  I was floored at how fantastic my teacher/mentor looked – he looked exactly the same, if not better!!
They graciously treated my sister and I to a wonderful lunch, and he even gave me a voice lesson – and of course diagnosed some vocal issues I was having within minutes!  I can not say enough how thankful and blessed I am to have studied voice with this man.  He is one of the greatest vocal teachers on the planet, and I am honored he took a chance on a kid with more ambition than talent.  He and his wife are so wonderful, and I can’t wait to see them again, and have another lesson!
Happy to also be linking with A Holy Experience and Graceful today…


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  1. So happy to read all your joyful comments, I love that the focus of your entire post was about gratitude. Sometimes that is such a challenge to do, but it really multiples when start to make a list like that! ~Lori

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