Home For the Holidays…A Christmas Tour

It’s My First Blogisphere Christmas Home Tour!
I am absolutely thrilled to be participating in a few of the loveliest blogisphere Christmas Home Tours around!  We actually didn’t do massive amounts of decorating this year at our home, as we will be spending Christmas in my husband’s homeland, but this Christmas still has much significance for me.  I’ve never lived in my very own home, and quite frankly, the wreath pictured above is my first one to hang during the Christmas holidays!  It’s fresh pine scent sends me over the moon each time I breathe in it’s fragrance and there’s something so comforting about the traditional bow and pinecones.
    To be honest, many of the previous Christmases have been difficult for me.  I lost my father very suddenly  a few weeks before Christmas a few years ago, and though I wanted very much to have feelings of Christmas cheer in my spirit, it was hard to conjure up something I didnt feel.
   This year has been so chalk full of blessings, it almost makes my head spin.  Getting married, moving to a wonderful permanent home, creating a nurturing space for us both to live in, nestling into our community,actively celebrating the expectant waiting of Advent, and soon celebrating our first Christmas together – I’m almost breathless with thanks as I type these words!  
   I hope you enjoy these images of small touches of Holiday cheer in our home.  Our camera went missing in action last month, so thanks for grace for photos all taken on a smartphone!  (I’m looking forward to filling this blog with actual camera photos after Christmas).
     Fill your mug with hot chocolate or cider, grab a Christmas throw, and settle in, my friends.  And always remember, Jesus is the Gift… 

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