When One Word is All You Need…

I’m so thrilled to be back in the blogisphere!  This New Year’s has been a whirlwind for me and my little familia, but we are finally settling in, letting the winds of change settle down, and looking forward to the adventures ahead!
    After a magical Christmas in the South, my Love and I found ourselves packing up a good deal of our Texas lives into cardboard boxes and loading them into a Uhaul.    After a New Year’s kiss, and a few hours sleep, we headed out on the open road on New Year’s Day…bound for my hometown – with my husband’s new job, and the prospect of me returning to school to tie up long overdue loose ends at our anticipated destination…
“When going back makes sense, you are going ahead.”
–Wendell Berry
We happily settled into what I affectionately call our “bungalow” (more details in a later post) and set to the task of creating a home for ourselves in a place we’ve both called home before (my husband lived here as well earlier in his career).  I’ve come to realize I’m  home anywhere my precious husband and sweet puppy are, and this has been no exception.  Of course, along with all of my ambitious New Year’s resolutions and plans came a nasty case of bronchitis that knocked me flat for over a week, but thanks to prayer and some powerful antibiotics, I’m back on the grid (anyone catch the geeky ‘Tron-like’ humor there?)
   Like so many other bloggers out there, I’m delighted at the prospects and possibilities of a New Year fresh starts and new adventures – and this year is most definitely not disappointing in that arena.  I’ve had time over the holidays to rest, reflect and recharge my weary batteries, and rather than bore you with a prattling list of my resolutions that I may forget soon enough, I’ve decided to embrace the wonderful practice of  choosing One Word for 2012.
Abundant thanks to wonderful Melanie for this blog beauty!

There are no doubt many other words I could have chosen for this New Year – abundance, trust, growth – I considered them all.  And while of course I will do all I can to live them and more out as fully as I can, I settled on my beautious word for a specific reason.

For much of my life, I have (and still do) consider myself an artist.  A person who feels compelled to create and experience as much artistry in my life as possible because I’m called by the Lord as part of my purpose to do so.   Because I feel I was created to do just that.  And for a million other reasons, many most likely selfish in nature, but also most importantly – to hopefully serve others and do my part of giving of myself, my talents and resources for the good work God has called me to do.
   And while all that sounds so much more lofty than I mean it to, I have to admit alot of times, I fall prey to procrastination, laziness, insecurity, and a ton of other traps that keep me from my creating.  Excuses.  Fear.  Worry that it won’t be enough.   Good enough. Unique enough.  Creative enough.
  So, that’s my word.  My inspiration.  Part of the goals I am setting for myself this year.  A word I feel God has reminded me I need to hold close in my thoughts and make part of my routine.  I am so excited to push through the noise and the fog to create.   The possibilities seem endless!  From writing on my blog, to singing, dancing, performing, and other joyous forms of art.  Creating opportunities to serve those I love, and those I have yet to meet.  I’m so excited for the journey.  I have no delusions it will always be easy, yet I still look forward to be in the place God has me, and enjoying every second of it.  God has brought me from the place of Active Waiting to the work of creating and growing, and I’m up for the challenge.  Let’s take it together this year, shall we?

     What’s your word this year?  If you don’t have one yet, perhaps consider the joy of claiming one of your own? 

“There is the happiness which comes from creative effort.  The joy of dreaming, creating, building, whether in painting a picture, writing an epic, singing a song…”
–Henry Miller
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3 comments on “When One Word is All You Need…

  1. Oh wow, what a great, great word. For the longest time I didn’t consider myself creative. I wrote…but I thought of that as more of a utilitarian skill than a creative one. It’s taken me a long time to embrace the thought of myself as creative (and I still won’t call myself an artist!).

    Love that quote about returning home, too.

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