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These past few weeks have been chalk full of inspiring moments , events and revelations, which have been such a Godsend as this newly revisioned blog has simutaneously come to fruition!   This happy fact has had me jumping up and down virtually, you might say…

 It’s here, it’s really here! All Manner of Inspiration has finally launched!

After a summer of dreaming, praying, and constant email/communication/back-and-forth decision making with my new beautiful friend, graphic designer Abigail Kraft, I’m so happy to be talking to you via this here shiny-and-new blog, All Manner of Inspiration! Anyone (read: perhaps one or two of my trusted compadres) who read my previous blog, Patchwork Mosaic Life, may have read about my winding road of blogging…from starting an online journal of sorts to chronicle my professional actor touring life, to musings I’m pretty sure no one but blood relatives (or ex-boyfriends…ai-yi-yi) read, to last year’s yet-again-blog-renaming, as I re-discovered blogging as an outlet of creative expression.

I knew this summer was the time to re-envision the life I have dreamt for this blog…to create a space that didn’t have to constantly be virtually reimagined. A place I’ve meant my blog to be all along… I read a fascinating interview with blogger Jeff Goins that confirmed the thoughts I’d been having to makeover my blogistate. One of the key points in the article resonated with me: “It’s much better to let go of something that isn’t working and start something new than to keep persevering with something that just isn’t meant to work out.” I knew my blog needed clarity, a more meaningful direction that held my passion and attention. I finally admitted to myself the type of blog I wanted to create.

But even with all of the grand thoughts and visions, how in the world would my technologically-illiterate self make that happen with a beginner budget and ideas??

Enter Ms. Abigail Kraft.

I was delighted to meet Abby through the InRL Incourage gathering this past spring. It was such a beautiful thing to meet real live community from the blogging world face to face. I know that each blogger I read wakes up and put one pant leg on after another just like me and the rest of the planet, but so often, the virtual worlds of internet/twitter/blogging/pinterest/insert-your-favorite-social-network-here puts people on high and mighty shelves in our minds. Abigail is quite possibly the prettiest, kindest, most together college-age-gal I know. 🙂 She’s bright, creative, funny and may I also say– was quite helpful in the re-visioning and re-naming of this blog! As we tossed around ideas for the header and the title, I couldn’t get the tagline (just another fancy word for subtitle) she had suggested out of my mind… The more I reflected on what I wanted to say and where I was dreaming my blog could go, the more it became apparent she had stumbled upon the perfect title for my new blog.


Hence, All Manner of Inspiration was born.

So often when I go to read someone else’s blog, I want to be inspired – whether that is through an experience they wrote about, a favorite book/item/product/experience they had, or an image that they felt compelled to share. My thinking in the past kept me stuck in the rut of believing that every single post I created had to aspire to be (even if it wasn’t) a writing masterpiece, a revelation of gargantuan proportions! Through prayer, conversations, and the advice of other writers/bloggers, I gave myself permission to let go of the shoulda/ought to/expectations in my mind. I realized that all those things that speak to me on other blogs are part of what I want to personally share in the blogging world. I also want this blog to be a place of building community in the virtual (and real life!) realms. One of my passions and one of the ways I am inspired is by connecting with others–it might be my only spiritual gift I’m in any way aware of possessing! I’ll be adding much more content in the next coming weeks so you can learn more about my thoughts and dreams for this space. I know there are a gazillion blogs out there that are clamoring for your time and attention – I am humbled and grateful you gave the gift of your time to visit mine.

I am so thrilled you are here!

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6 comments on “All Manner of Inspiration – A Life Mosaic

  1. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying your blog so much, and dreaming up all of its potential! 🙂 Thrilled to have been a part of what I’m sure will be an inspiration to many, and a bright spot in your own life. Looking forward to keeping up!

  2. I agree… it’s sometimes necessary to let go of something if it is not working out.

    Up until a couple of months ago, I had another blog, i.e. “Each Card Tells a Story” (aka ECTaS) which was doing fine. I posted every weekend for the past 2 years… but latterly, I became ‘unsettled’ and felt it was time for change. I prayed about it and a new blog was born, i.e. “Encourage One Another”.

    I wish you well in your new blog… it looks very professional, crisp and white. May you be blessed and be a blessing to others as you walk in through this new chapter with the Lord.

  3. Yay, Sarah – way to go after your dream and make it happen. Your new place looks beautiful, and I am a big fan of focusing and sharpening the message and mission. I have a good feeling about this!

  4. Thanks so much! It means alot that you came over and checked out the blog Michelle! Abigail – you are so sweet! It was a joy and a privilege to work with you and write about it 🙂 Wendy – thanks for reading – good to see you here!

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