{31 Dayers} My Favorite Reads {2012}

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past week, you’ve noticed I’ve linked up with blogger extraordinaire The Nester for her 31 Days series.  Over 1200 folks are writing about various topics for 31 days straight.  Yes, I’m finally admitting that my playlist posts take longer to write than I anticipated, and I am finally making peace with the fact that I’m still a few days behind.  (Yep, working on day 6 and it’s day 8 – remedial Math skills, party of one).  I have every intention of catching up this week, as my schedule will finally allow a little more writing time…sigh.   (And FYI –  today’s post features one of my favorite musician/songwriters on earth–come by the blog later and nibble on that dangling carrot).  While I’m tweaking more playlists, I thought I’d share some of my favorite 31 Days posts – check them out and give them some comment love and encouragement!  This blogging everyday stuff is not for the faint of heart!

~My Favorite 2012 ’31 Days’ Reads~

The mastermind of the whole enchilada – The Nester

 Chatting At The Sky – Nester’s Sister

Reeve Writes – Another music-themed series – a must read! 

The Cardigan Way – A new blog find, and a kindred spirit! Her quotes & printables are fantastic!

Changed My Plans – I absolute lurve book list posts! Her picks are diverse & interesting.

Uplifting Words – I love a great quote and a pretty graphic – find those here.

I was thrilled to see Ann Voskamp doing a series this year! (She usually blogs everyday anyway–she being the over-achievier of the blog world. I love her Crazy Joy theme).

The Deliberate Reader – Another lovely book list series, and I’m a sucker for non-fiction.

Erin Leigh is a talented and creative artist! She’s only up to Day 3 (no judgment here!), but what she’s posted is beautiful! Here’s hoping for more beautiful journal art!

That’s a few of my faves – which ones are you reading?

4 comments on “{31 Dayers} My Favorite Reads {2012}

  1. You have made my day! I’m so flattered that you featured me —stunned actually ( and blushing and giggly )
    I have loved listening to your lists and checking out your posts too!
    Thanks bunches!!

  2. Thank YOU Reeve for also reading mine – I was honored to be on your list! Mimi – you are so sweet! Yours was one of the first lists I started reading regularly! I love building online community through this series!

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