{31 Days of Playlists} Day 6…The Music of Sting

Why Sting, you ask?

‘Cause he’s my favorite, that’s why!!

When I was putting my list of playlist ideas together, I immediately wrote down Sting as one of my themes for a day…  I thought it would be a quick and simple post to write, as his songs have been amongst my favorite music for years.  But as I began to draw up this playlist, I spent so much more time compiling it than I first anticipated –mostly because I really wanted to create a cohesive mix of songs from one of my favorite artists.   I still remember when I was a timid freshman in high school, and the boy I had fallen in love walked up to me with Sting’s cassette tape “Dream of the Blue Turtles” in his hand.  “Listen to this–these words and melodies are amaazing!”  Little did he know he was starting me on a musical journey from which I would never recover.  I felt like the moment I put that music on, something big and beautiful cracked open inside of me.  Sting’s words cut to the heart of everything I was feeling, and the complexity of his melodies, harmonies and musical arrangements blew every pop song I knew out of the water.  (They still do – who else writes a pop song in 7/4 time/meter signature???)  I started playing piano at age 5, and had been  musically inclined up until that junior high moment, but there was something about  Sting’s music that was revelation for me, even at that young age. His music has spoken to my heart through the years and become a big part of the soundtrack of my life (Which will definitely be a future post theme and playlist).  (My husband got MAJOR points by taking me to his incredible show in Dallas last year – at 60, Sting’s still got it folks!)

     With a literary background, Gordon Sumner (His real name – hence the wordplay on his album “Ten Summoner’s Tales) is notorious for obscure and common references to literature and myth.  His lyrics wrap around his melodies in such clever, hummable ways, and his instrumentation is always first rate.  He plays with some of the best (jazz in particular) musicians around (Branford Marsalis, the late great jazz pianist Kenny Kirkland, Chris Botti, and guitarist Dominic Miller, to name a few.) (I know, I’m such a music nerd!)  He got his stage name from wearing a brightly colored yellow and white striped shirt at a gig early in his career..hence, his Sting persona was born. (Somebody stop me, I’ve got trivia for days!)

A professed spiritual (rather than religous) man, I’ve always been intrigued by Sting’s search for God.  Though he does not claim to be a Christian, he has written many songs dealing with the search for faith, and for a man who write lyrics like “You’ve got to fill her up with Jesus”, “Whenever I say your name, I’m already praying” and  “I’m walking in His grace”, it would seem perhaps the Hound of Heaven is chasing him down.  Whether he’s singing about when the west wind moves (“Fields of Gold”), tricky relationships (“Fortress Around Your Heart” or even an account of Noah’s ark (“Rock Steady”) his music is original and captivating.  I know I didn’t really address the music of the Police on this playlist, but I’m saving alot of those goodies for other posts. (And really, that would’ve brought the song count to a record high, as Sting wrote most of the Police’s big hits).

Pour yourself some English tea, and settle in for a ‘spot of Sting’.

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31 Days of Playlists – Songs of Sting

1.   Fragile

2.   Mad About You (live)

3.   Message In A Bottle (live)

4.   Be Still My Beating Heart

5.   Rock Steady

6.   Whenever I Say Your Name

7.   Dead Man’s Rope

8.   Next To You

9.   Island of Souls (acoustic)

10. The Book of My Life

11. One World, Not Three/Love Is The Seventh Wave

12. I Burn For You

13. Shape of My Heart

14. St. Agnes & the Burning Train

15. When We Dance

16. Desert Rose

17. Englishman In New York

18. Fortress Around Your Heart

19. Why Should I Cry For You

20. The Soul Cages (acoustic)

21. Until

22. Straight To My Heart

23. Ain’t No Sunshine

24. My Funny Friend & Me

25. Seven Days (live)

26. Fill Her Up

27. King of Pain (live)

28. All This Time

29. Fields of Gold

Who are some of your favorite artists?





4 comments on “{31 Days of Playlists} Day 6…The Music of Sting

  1. A whole list of Sting?! Awesome! And you’re spot on about his music and lyrics! He is one of my favorites as well. Thanks for posting a list to listen to today : )

    1. I’m so glad you like it! (I didn’t know if anyone else would love Sting as much as I do 🙂 I’m ridiculously busy which is making my post catchup slow, but the others are coming! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  2. One of my former coworkers probably loves Sting as much as you do. I don’t have her email or I’d send her a link to this post – she’d love it!

    My favorite is R.E.M. Lots of great memories of listening to them as a teenager & college student. A close second is Third Day – I love his voice, and they’re the group that really introduced me to Christian music (everything I’d heard prior to them I didn’t like).

  3. REM is so good – I loved the ‘Out of Time’ disc in high school! 🙂 I also liked some of Third Day’s stuff – did you know Mac Powell (their lead singer) is doing a country album? (Interesting 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

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