Weekend Wrap Up – {31 Days Edition}

It’s Saturday night, and I’m happily enjoying a night off from rehearsals curled up on the couch with my hubs and puppy dog, whilst we watch his alma mater’s football game.  I’m doing my best to catch up with Playlist Posts, but I thought while resting I would share my favorite links of the week.  I’ve so enjoyed following various 31 Days series – I feel for the first time I am making genuine online community through these posts.  I was blown away and estatically happy to discover I  in part inspired a new friend’s blog post through the 31 Days of Playlists series! (I’ve included the link below).   The first two posts listed below are from bigger blogs I simply adore, but the rest of the blogs featured are participating in the 31 Days series.

I’d also like to specifically ask for prayer for my new blogging friend Mary Demuth – whose daughter is being hospitalized for as-yet-diagnosed symptoms.

Sarah Bessey: In Which God Doesn’t Look The Same Anymore

“Can I just say this, too? I need to say it: I’m so proud of the Church. So proud of the people of God, of the people of the Gospel. You know how I have gone, in the last few years, from being ashamed to call myself a Christian, eschewing even the title, to feeling like I am part of something beautiful, and holy, and communal. But The Bride of Christ has never looked lovelier to me than she did today, from my spot on the stones, sitting in Richard’s home, because the Gospel is at this intersection of it all this truth and reality and hope and grief, it’s social and it’s spiritual and it’s physical…I have no frame of reference for Haiti. I have no simile, no metaphor, but I see God here in Haiti, I do.  He just doesn’t look quite the same to me anymore.”

Rachel Held Evans: I Love The Bible

“It is said that after Jacob wrestled with God, he walked with a limp.  So it has been with the Bible and me. I have wrestled with the Bible, and it has left me with a limp.  But I am glad. I am glad because this limp has slowed me down a bit. It has humbled me. It has forced me to stop running so fast and sure down the path of certainty that I forget to listen, to pay attention, to ask questions, to build altars, to wait. Differences in interpretation should not lead us to question one another’s passion or commitment to Scripture, but rather invite us into conversation with the shared assumption that we are all struggling toward truth, all trying to figure it out. Those of us who have wrestled know that no one’s interpretation is inerrant. Those of us who have wrestled know we can be wrong…”

Reeve Writes: 31 Days, Day 11

My new blogger friend, Sarah from All Manner of Inspiration has totally inspired this post. She is writing 31 Days of Playlists… After I listened I realized I needed to make one myself, not because I thought I could do it better, but honestly cause I wanted Sarah to hear these covers cause I think she’d like ’em. AND I think you will too…(click the post title link for her fantabulous playlist!!)

Chatting At The Sky: What May Come To the Surface When You Hush

“Writing for 31 days straight isn’t the hard part. It’s the writing for 31 days straight and then hitting publish. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say. It will take me a few days to process some things… I’m a slow absorber.

The Cardigan Way: Here We Go

“I knew – someday – I’d have to say it here.  Knew that on a blog about truth, it’d have to come up.  Knew that we {all of we} who have longed for a child need a voice sometimes… Our story still sings of His Goodness.  That we’re learning to bear others’ burdens.  That the absence of little ones in our home is also the presence of a whole clan in heaven.  That the sun comes up over the shadows and lights the sky and reminds us, everyday, that He is good.”



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