{31 Days of Playlists} Day 20…When You Take A Sick Day

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I promise I haven’t fallen into a blogging rabbit hole…

I’m just sick.

As in, throat-is-swollen-and-sore-and-I’ve-got-strep kind of sick.

Add to that a heap of disappointment at not being able to sing today for a professional casting agent or in my last vocal master class of the semester because of said strep…


While I should be grateful to have an excuse to cozy up with my puppy dog on the couch in my favorite fuzzy soft fleece, drinking hot tea and catching up on reading and telly watching, I have a slew of school project deadlines to meet, and prep work coming out of my ears for my vocal jury (just another way us creative types describe a singing/musical theatre college final) next week.  I am most grateful for a quick visit to the doctor and antibiotics to hopefully kick my sickies away as soon as possible… 

All this to say…I thought it a perfect moment to whip up a quicky playlist for taking a sick day…

(kindly scroll down to the songlist below if unable to see the Grooveshark player on your smartphone or ipad device.)

 31 Days of Playlists – Songs For Taking A Sick Day

  1.    Under The Weather – KT Tunstall
  2.    Tomorrow Will Be Kinder – The Secret Sister
  3.    Broken Things – Julie Miller
  4.    Free-Fallin’ (live) – John Mayer
  5.    Reminder – Mumford & Songs
  6.    When The Stars Go Blue – Ryan Adams
  7.    One Cool Remove – Shawn Colvin
  8.   Light Of A Clear Blue Morning – Alison Moorer
  9.   You Can Close Your Eyes – Brooke Fraser & William Fitzsimmons
  10.  Breathe – Alexi Murdoch
  11.  World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

If you too are battling the seasonal sickies – I hope and pray you get well soon!

Do you have music you listen to when you’re under the weather?

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