{31 Days of Playlists} Day 22…Tuesday Tunes {A Guest Post}

I am beyond excited to feature my friend Reeve today in this blog’s first ever guest post!!

I love God’s timingit is only fitting that the first guest post on the blog is during this music playlist series–so near and dear to my heartand features one of my first blogging friends I have had the privilege of meeting in real life (at the Allume conference) who also happens to be a fantastic singer/songwriter!

I first discovered Reeve’s blog through a post at The Nesting Place. (one of my read-everyday-favorite-blogs, by the way).  She wrote a delightful 31 Days series on a music filled life that was a daily read for me in October. (Check out those posts here).    I was so thrilled to discover a blogger whose focus was writing about her musical life, and the vocation of her artistry.  I didn’t expect that it would be so rare to find such a musical kindred spirit in the blogging world, and reading her words and listening to her music has been a breath of fresh air and blessing in my life.  Reeve is also working on an album, and when it releases, you can bet I’m going to be featuring it here! (For some more footage of her amazing talent, check out this video made at The Nester’s house).

 Reeve has a delightful ongoing playlist series of her own, Tuesday Tunes, and I’m honored that she is sharing her 50th post in that series here today!

 Hi!  My name is Reeve and I’m a singer-songwriter and blogger.  I write about my music-filled life over at www.reevewrites.com .  I feel so honored that Sarah has asked me to guest post here, thanks Sarah!

I am also a self proclaimed music-snob.  Not because I don’t like cheesy pop songs (trust me, I can sing almost every word to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Come On Over’ and don’t get me started on DC Talk!).  I am a music snob because I feel like music should meet one of my three standards and if it doesn’t, then I don’t want to listen to it.

My standards aren’t that high – I like songs that either:

  • #1 – Make you move (this can be soul moving or booty moving)
  • #2 – Have an element of surprise (this could be a clever lyric or play on words OR  a melody or harmony that makes us musicians go, “Wait, back that up! I have to hear that again!”)
  • #3 – Makes you FEEL (happy, sad, angry, sultry, whatever – it should make you feel something!)

That’s it, my criteria isn’t that hard right?!  But sadly, not enough music on today’s Top 40 radio stations play songs that work.  Adele does.  She sings from her heart and makes us all want to cry and stomp our feet with her.  She is amazing.  But you want to know a secret?!  There are thousands of others out there like her, you just have to look outside the radio-box to find them.

I worked at one of the best and well-known music venues in the southeast, The Evening Muse, for a year or so and my music world blew up.  I mean that in a good way.  Listening to so many touring artists really expanded my tastes and to be honest, changed my life.  Most of the artists on this list have played The Muse.  Such amazing music coming from non-famous, non-glamourous, everyday, beautiful people.

So, to honor my “Tuesday Tune’s” 50th post – here is my Artists You Should Know But Probably Don’t Playlist.  Hopefully it’s not too long, I left off so many fantastic folks, it’s so hard to choose.

Happy Listening and Happy Tuesday!

31 Days of Playlists – Artists You Should Know But Probably Don’t (by Reeve)

  1. Ain’t That The Way – Devon Sproule
  2. Nashville – David Mead
  3. Hanging Around – Gemma Hayes
  4. Softly Sleeping – GoGoPilot
  5. I Don’t Wanna Waste Your Time – Over The Rhine
  6. Brandy Alexander – Ron Sexsmith
  7. A Way Out – Jill Andrews
  8. Letting Us Be – Paul Curreri
  9. Coffee Stain – Sarah Harmer
  10. Brown Down Figure – David Saw
  11. My God – Gemma Hayes
  12. Don’t Want You To Wake Up – Teitur
  13. Empty Threat – Kathleen Edwards
  14. Building A Road – Spottiswoode and His Enemies
  15. Song No. 8 – Ane Brun
  16. Lou Reed – The Little Willies
  17. Something In The Water – Brooke Fraser
  18. Vibe So Hot – Benji Hughes
  19. Hearts In Jars – Hope For A Golden Summer
  20. New River – the New Familiars
  21. Wreck – The Bittersweets
  22. Telegram – Those Bastard Souls
  23. The Shape You’re In – Catherine Feeny
  24. Please Rene, Not Now – Richard Julian
  25. Stronger – Mieka Pauley
  26. Doin’ His Job – Malcolm Holcombe
  27. Fields of Cotton – Danielle Howle
  28. Moviekiss – Y O U
  29. I Don’t Worry – Bess Rogers
  30. Glory Bound – Martin Sexton
  31. Changer – Anais Mitchell
  32. Everyday – The Noises 10
  33. Everything Is Ok – The Everybodyfields
  34. Something Left To Say – Roman Candle
  35. You’re Not Listening – The Rescues
  36. Big Grey Cloud – Kristin Cifelli
  37. Long Road To Freedom – John Dungan
  38. No Suprize – Mike Strauss
  39. Love Will Destroy Us – Poprocket



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