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I am a huge fan of ‘Booklist’ linkups.  We’re talking HUGE.  As in, I will stop what I’m doing, and scroll through and read every single entry on the linkup page. (OK, I may not be able to do it today, but you get the idea). Anne over at Modern Mrs. Darcy had the genius idea of a monthly blog linkup with everyone’s monthly read-list, but added the caveat of keeping our lists to 140 characters or less, which I think is BRILLIANT.  Being a wordy, babbeling brook that most always needs an editor–for my mouth and my blog–a “short, casual review” of what I’m reading is exactly what I needed for this month’s goodreads post. (I’m also linking up with another lovely blogger, Emily at JDC Designs.  The visuals on her blog almost always make me swoon.) Without further wordy ado, here’s my current reading list:

100 Pound Loser-words

This ebook by Jessica Heights is a short and sweet read on both her own weight loss journey, and tips and tricks for your own.  I’ve written down lots of quotes and ideas from this book, and recommend it most highly.  #justwhatineededtomotivate


I’m gonna admit it right here – I’m usually not a fan of Christian fiction.  It usually feels trite and predictable, and a waste of time.  (Sorry if I offend.)  I got this book free at #Allume and almost didn’t take it home.  I’m so glad I did!  It’s a light read yes, but it’s paced well, I care about the characters, and the mystery plot is intricate and interesting.  I’m looking forward to the sequel’s release in a few weeks!  #sohappytoreadfictionagain


I’ve been reading/chewing on/contemplating this book for months now.  Twyla Tharp is a legendary choreographer and dancer, and I love that she wrote this book! She speaks to all artists and creative souls, and blends well her own life stories, with practical advice and exercises.   I’m looking forward to featuring it in my upcoming Resources For Creatives series. I also love the visual feel of the book.  #beautifulfonts&design=happyreading


Yes, I’m still reading this.  (I’ve mentioned first starting this book a few months ago).  I’ve been savoring this read slowly, whilst laughing out loud at Rachel’s humor and pondering good and deep truths gleaned from her experiences along the way.  People are talking about this book, and it’s for a good reason.  It’s a fantastic read.  #eschetchayilRachelyou’remyhero


I thought this book would be dry as melba toast.  I love when I’m wrong about such things.  A classic writing text for a reason, it’s informative, and a captivating read.  The short chapters keep me engaged as a reader while I am being ‘schooled’ as a writer.  #amustreadforwriters

What reads are captivating you?


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    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog- I’m honored! Your book is the one I’m staying up nights to read these days- hope to have it finished pretty quick! Thanks for changing my opinion on Christian fiction! 🙂

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