Snow Day Music {A Winter Playlist}

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We are have been buried under a blanket of snow in the Midwest, and today finds me burrowed under the covers, mug of hot tea in hand.  We’ve had a few days respite from snowstorms, but Mr. Weatherman has now informed us that we will be getting a dose of a round 2 winter storm late tonight and tomorrow that will bring with it not only snow, but wind and freezing rain.

Sounds like we’ll need some more blankets and another pot of tea.

We’ll also need music.

I hope these songs speak to you and whether or not you’re buried under a white snow, perhaps this music will bring to mind the cold that takes your breath away, memories of snow angels and crisp white beauty.


 A Winter Playlist

  1. Winter – Joshua Radin
  2. Winter Birds – Ray Lamontagne
  3. Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons
  4. Weather With You – Crowded House
  5. Winter Song – Caesars
  6. The Hounds of Winter – Sting
  7. Tracks In The Snow – The Civil Wars
  8. Snow Day – Matt Pond
  9. Angels In The Snow – Elliott Smith
  10. Song For A Winter’s Night – Sarah McLachlan

 {Yeah, so remember that playlist post I started in October, but never finished–31 Days of Playlists Consider this post a part of that series…day 24 to be exact.  We’ll just be, ahem…quiet about it.  And my ridiculously procrastinating ways.}     


3 comments on “Snow Day Music {A Winter Playlist}

  1. Wonderful “winter playlist”. When looking at all of the snow that you have just think that God put His Hand on each snowflake and made each one look differently. Found you at studio jru blog hop.

  2. beautiful, beautiful…trying not to envy your snow. 🙂 AND — I love your playlists, so take your time. I look forward to them whenever and however they come! They are always a treat.

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