Eighth Day Books Playlist {Mixtape Monday}


 To say it was slightly intimidating to curate an Eighth Day Playlist would be putting it mildly, I’m afraid.  Its not that I doubt my musical knowledge or abilities, but to me, the music is as sacred a part of the Eighth Day atmosphere as the scent of coffee and the icons and the books.  I decided to stick with acoustic guitar songs for this mix (with one exception – see my previous post on Eighth Day – there’s a good memory involved).  Other beautiful musical stylings are played within the Eighth Day walls – piano and sometimes symphonies, classical arrangements with flute, and string quartets, and every once in awhile, Warren (the proprietor) gets a wild hair and carelessly blesses the sound space with an epic movie score or an Appalachian folk song.  That being said, I focused on music that is soothing, meditative, and wordless.  Some of the songs are particular Eighth Day favorites that I’ve personally enjoyed while shelving books, or spent a day listening to whilst writing – tunes like The Moment In Which You Must Let Go, or The Flowers of Edinburgh.   Others are by guitarists Warren swears by, like Andy McKee or Michael Hedges–simply good music to the end.

For anyone who read my previous Eighth Day post and is interested in their upcoming anniversary book, another reason to pick it up this coming October is its inclusion of Warren’s Definitive Eighth Day Playlist.  Though I’ve talked music with him many a time, and could gander a guess at some of the music, its contents are a delicious mystery to me – I can’t wait to experience it!

Whether you’re reading, writing, contemplating or meditating, I hope these melodies help bring you rest, restoration and peace.

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Mixtape Monday – Eighth Day Books Playlist

  1. Cast Your Fate To The Wind – George Winston
  2. The Moment In Which You Finally Let Go of the Tether Which Has Held Your Hope Airborne – William Ackerman
  3. Muir Woods – Andrew York
  4. Rylynn – Andy McKee
  5. On The Way – David Cullen
  6. Ragamuffin – Michael Hedges
  7. These Moments – Antoine Dufour
  8. In The Light of Common Day – Phil Keaggy
  9. Beatles Medley – Tommy Emmanuel
  10. Dreamcatcher – Don Ross & Andy McKee
  11. Catching the Light – Antoine Dufour
  12. Track 1 – Leo Kotke
  13. Betcha By Golly, Wow – Tuck Andress
  14. Ginger & Fred – Don Ross
  15. Sweet P – Tuck Andress
  16. Dolphins – Mark Marshall & Darol Anger
  17. Dust In The Wind – Doyle Dykes
  18. Flowers of Edinburgh – Pete Huttlinger
  19. Indian Summer – Alex DeGrassi
  20. Far Horizon – Preston Reed
  21. We Meet Again – Nancy Wilson
  22. 60b (Elizabethtown) – Nancy Wilson

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2 comments on “Eighth Day Books Playlist {Mixtape Monday}

  1. Yay!! I adore this playlist and am listening to it NOW in an Asheville coffee shop. That Eighth Day has great music only makes me want to visit more! I will come back to this list regularly, I am sure…but I hope to be at Eighth Day in person some day, too!

    1. I’m SO glad you like the playlist friend! YES, one day, we will hang out at Eighth Day – will be so fun to introduce you to the staff! 🙂

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