For When You Have To Do The Hard Things {Mixtape Monday}


Yesterday it poured buckets of water from the sky and I’m pretty sure the scent of summer rain in the air began to help heal my grieving heart.

Today I’m doing hard things, like writing an obituary, and planning the ways to say goodbye to a loved one.  I hope you aren’t doing things that hurt this much, but perhaps you are.  Maybe you have a doctor’s appointment that is making your stomach lurch and drop, or you are saying goodbye to love or you’re stuck in the maddening limbo of waiting.   Or quite possibly, you’re just in the midst of the heaviness of the everyday, using every little bit of energy you can muster to get through it.

Wherever you are, today’s playlist speaks to doing the hard things.  It’s music for both the difficult and the mundane moments of time.  It’s melodies for letting go and hurting and discovering you are enough.

{If you cannot view the Grooveshark player below, consider viewing this blog post on a computer, or downloading the latest Adobe Flash Player.  I couldn’t find two of my favorites on Grooveshark, so the youtube clips are included below.}

Music For Doing The Hard Things

 A Mixtape Monday Playlist

  1. You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last
  2. Head To My heart – Elenowen
  3. Live Forever – Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors (Thanks Reeve, for introducing me to this band!)
  4. Manhattan – Sara Bareilles
  5. I Hurt Too – Katie Herzig
  6. Letting Go – Matt Maher
  7. Atlantic – Sleeping At Last
  8. Time – Billy Porter
  9. Does Your Heart Break – The Brilliance {YouTube}
  10. A Place To Hang My Head – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors {YouTube}



{Yep, I’m linking another Mixtape Monday post on a Tuesday…One of the side effects of doing the hard stuff.}

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