Seven Quick Takes On A Friday {Linkup}


{I’m chiming in today with a new-to-me-blog linkup.  I love this idea for a quick and lighthearted post when its so close to the weekend.  (Or a way to write little snippets about the not-so-light thoughts on your mind.  We’ll see what comes out today)}.  

— 1 —

I just finished a wonderful book today, Kate Christensen’s memoir, Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites.  I have to admit, this book was a slow start for me.  But suddenly, a few chapters in, I couldn’t put it down!  Kate’s narrative writing voice is so easy and compulsively readable, I am now a fan of her blog as well.  Its not a happy go lucky story – she’s been through the ringer in her half a century on the globe, and there’s a few choice colorful metaphors.  But that’s part of what I loved about her book – its real, unpretentious and feels as honest as can be.  It felt less like a food memoir, and more of a personal memoir with food sprinkled in, but that’s no matter – its just a wonderful book.

— 2 —

 I wrote a post a few days ago about my Grandmother.  It was hard, and also gloriously easy to write at the same time, if such a thing can be true.  It was an attempt to pay tribute to her life in a few of my meager words.  I left out drama or any evidences of strife.  She would’ve been 87, and I still miss her everyday with a ferocious and familiar ache.  I’ve shied away about writing about my personal life or family or friends much on this blog, but I feel those stories bubbling to the surface.  Time will tell how much of those writings I feel led to publish here.  I’m still so fiercely protective of my loved one’s privacy.  I’m learning to balance that fact with writing the truth and the story I feel called to pour on the page.  I’m sure I’m the gazillionth aspiring writer in the blogosphere whose encountered this conundrum.  Anyone out there have advice or thoughts on the matter?

— 3 —

I’m about to espouse another truth that’s both completely obvious and a current pickle of a struggle for me.  Being motivated to write is both a glorious rush, and a constant battle.  One minute the words flow like milk and honey and the next, you start to wonder what in the world made you think you were cut out for this sort of thing!  I’m sure other more seasoned writers have put this in a much more interesting way, but I’m in the beginning of my process, and I’m choosing to own it.  The other day, a seasoned blogger and friend tweeted a simple truth I took to heart:  Don’t compare your Chapter 1 with someone else’s Chapter 20.

— 4 —

I found this fun link on the food blog of author Luisa Weiss – The Wednesday Chef.  Since reading Ruth Reichl’s BRILLIANT trio of memoirs, I’m instantly interested and curious about anything she has to say, especially in a video interview.  A series of 3 videosshows interviews with various New York Times food critics on topics like their least favorite ‘food descriptor’ words, their personal tricks of the trade, foods they can’t stand to eat, and more.  Enjoy the videos here,  fellow foodies.

— 5 —


Welcome to my Office of Sorts.

I have been coming to my favorite bookstore in the world almost daily, these days.  The task I’ve given myself is to write.  Sometimes, just journaling and drivel come out.  Other days are more productive, with ideas and stirrings of essays and blog posts that stir my creative juices and help me believe I have something to say.  Regardless of the depth and quality of content, I have resigned myself to these important times of solitude.  I’ve finally accepted they are not a waste of my time, nor merely the passing of time for an temporarily-unemployed housewife.  A dear friend who lives in NYC told me when he first moved to the City and was job-hunting, he went to the Rose Reading Room of the Public Library every day – it was his office.  I am vowing to show up to my creative process every single day.  There’s work to be done, and not a moment to lose.

— 6 —

Can we just get down to the important stuff of life?  Did you see the SYTYCD finale??  I thought the show was beautifully done, but I have to admit, my two favorite dancers did not win.  At least winner Amy (the contestant with the most votes) is a glorious dancer in her own right, but sweet little Fikshun, all I can say is be glad its merely a popularity contest.  Here’s 3 of my favorite routines –  I loved  1) Amy’s dance with Travis, 2) the genius trio tap routine, and 3) Jasmine’s fierce routine with Comfort.  (And can we just agree that routine was an amazing audition tape to dance with Beyonce??) I have so much fun getting swept up into this show every summer–I loved the talent this season, the artistry and the antics.  Here’s to Season 11!

— 7 —

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of my favorite seasons.  On the hot dry pavement a few weeks ago, I snapped this shot {follow me on Instagram here} which gave me a glimmer of hope.  Fall’s coming, friends!



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