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September has been an embarrassment of riches, so to speak, when its come to my reading stack.  From advanced reading copies of books so good I wish they were out this very minute, to the ho-hum mystery, its all made for some glorious reading. {And it’s always lovely linking up with Anne.}


Notes From A Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider

Mastermind and author of popular blog Simple Mom, Tsh Oxenreider, has written a memoir of sorts, and I can’t express enough what a wonderful gift you have in store with this book!  Accurately described as “part memoir, part travelogue, and part practical guide”, I was helped immensely by this book’s content, as well as entranced by Oxenreider’s fluid writing voice.  I will be sharing more about this book for sure in the next few months on the blog. #comingfeb2014 #mustread 



Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites by Kate Christensen

For some reason, this read was a slow start for my tastes, but by the time I hit the 2nd chapter, I was riveted. (And the author’s introduction is amazing.)  Christensen’s narrative voice is captivating, and after I finished the book, I wanted to know more, and immediately found her blog.  (An author of multiple novels, she has said this memoir was born from the blog posts about her life.)  I love that she isn’t a food snob, and talks about all her food tastes and cravings – I related to that aspect of this book the most.  This one’s got some rough content and some colorful metaphors, but that’s part of what I loved about this book – her authenticity.  #memoirwithfoodsprinkledin  #greatread




When We Were On Fire by Addie Zierman

I discovered Addie’s blog recently through Leigh’s linkup, and I shamelessly asked her for an advanced reading copy of this memoir.  She graciously obliged, and I can’t wait to return the favor by promoting and sharing more about the book closer to its release date.  I resonated more than than I thought I would with Addie’s story of pain and hurt (and later, healing) that came from being involved in the 90’s bubble of Christian culture.  Even if you don’t think you’ll relate to this story, don’t miss this book.  It’s beautifully written, and the story is mesmerizing.  I already want her to write another book!  #cominginOctober #dontmissthisone 



Soil & Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food & Faith by Fred Bahnson

I discovered this book on the new release shelf of my favorite bookstore, and am currently caught up in the contemplative feel of Bahnson’s words.  As I’m not too far into the book, admittedly, there hasn’t been a lot of food memoir writing as of yet (They are very long chapters and I’m only on chpt. 2), but there is beautiful writing chronicling a man on a spiritual journey, as he grows closer to God through visiting various gardening communities around the country and overseas – from a Trappist monastery to Mexico and beyond.  I’m enjoying this book slowly – it feels like a beautiful meditation.  #loveitsofar #readifyoulovespiritualmemoir



Stranded by Dani Pettrey

I’ve read every book in the Alaskan Courage series, and this 3rd volume is a fun addition.  I have to say, the first book in the series, Submerged, has remained my favorite.   I’m not too far along in this book, but so far the plot is swift moving and interesting.  I’ve also grown quite fond of the family of characters author Dani Pettrey has created – if you like Christian fiction, pick this one up.  #gage’sstory #makesmewanttogobacktoalaska



Trouble In The Town Hall (Dorothy Martin Mystery #2)  by Jeanne Dams

I loved the first novel in this series (The Body In The Transept) so much, that I found this 2nd book through interlibrary loan.  I love the main character of Dorothy, but I feel that Dams’ first book captured more of her warmth and voice right away.  So far, I’m sticking with it, but I’m hoping the mystery doesn’t feel contrived as I continue to read.  Definitely start with the 1st book before you read this one.  #theverdictisstillout #stillatthebeginningofthemystery


On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

I’ve been wanting to read this book for years, and finally checked it out at the library on my last trip.  I’m just at the beginning of this one, but can already tell it’s a classic for a reason. I’ve never read a Stephen King novel (I can’t stand horror of any kind), but I’m looking forward to reading his memoir and gleaning some writing wisdom.  #greatsofar  #writingmemoirclassic



Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey

I am currently reading an e-book galley of this fantastic book, and its making me want to get the physical paperback in my hot little hands as soon as possible!  Like many other readers, I was surprised at how much of this book’s content was already published on her blog, but there is enough insight and new writing here for that not to matter.  I have to say the book cover and strong title somehow don’t fit the warmth and beauty and exquisite writing inside the book for me–though definitely don’t let that deter you from this must-read.  Sarah Bessey is one of my favorite writers, and I’m so excited more of the world will read her words through this book.  #loveitreadit  #coverdoesn’tdoitjustice #cominginNov

The Current Library Haul


Stephen King’s memoir came from this current delicious reading stack.  I’ve already read Mudhouse Sabbath, but I re-checked it out to watch Lauren Winner’s  companion DVD.  I’ve heard wonderful things about Before We Get Started by Bret Lott, and was drawn to check out the other titles by Henri Nouwen and  Brennan Manning.  The Gifts of Imperfection has been on my reading stack for quite awhile – I’m coming to a surprising conclusion that I prefer the wisdom of Brene Brown in her video/audio talks, as opposed to reading her books cover to cover.   I was also intrigued when another blogger mentioned a memoir that looked like fun, Blowing My Cover: My Life As A CIA Spy. 

What have you been reading this month?

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