When Your Creative Outlet Changes


Once upon a time, I was a professional actor.  I earned my (meager, but steady) living from performing on stage–regionally and on tour.  I auditioned loads of times like every other actor I know, but I was blessed and grateful to book enough long term work to keep going.

(Well, most of the time.  There was also a lot of temping.  And creative budgeting.  But you get the idea.)

The past few years, that’s not been the case.

[I’m over at my friend Katie’s blog, Cardigan Way, today for my first ever guest post!  Join me there and read the rest of the story…]

2 comments on “When Your Creative Outlet Changes

  1. Thank you, thank you for your words. With all of the words I’ve *had* to write and all of the words I *want* to write, this will be the soundtrack in the background. 🙂

    You are blessing!

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