Day 5…My Favorite ’31 Days’ Series {2013}


This is my 3rd year writing a ’31 Days’ series–hosted by the lovely Myquillyn–and every year I marvel at the number of blogs that write on such interesting topics.  Each year the group has grown by leaps and bounds, and this year is no exception – over 1200 bloggers are writing on so many topics, Myquillyn has created 9 different categories to house them all!  I didn’t think I would like the separation at first, but now I am so glad she did this – it makes sorting through all of the wonderful content so much easier.

I have attempted to put a list together of my personal favorite 31 Days Series.  

I hesitate to do so, because I know the minute I hit ‘publish’, I’ll find 2 or 3 or 10 more that I love.   And its early on, and I can’t say which bloggers will tarry through to finish the month.  {But hey, look at how behind I am here – Day 5 on day 8?  No judgment here!}    I truly hope that highlighting some of my faves will be helpful as you navigate through this feast of beautiful content.  What a joy it is to be a part of a community of bloggers and writers around the world writing diligently for a month to connect and share with the internet pieces of their hearts, minds and lives.

Some of these blogs have huge followings, some are my friends online, and still others I just happily discovered.  If you resonate with their monthly topic, why not drop by and start a conversation or give them some encouragement?  {Click on the link to their blog in the caption of their series button/photo to view their posts.  If they don’t have an image to share, I have given a link directly to their blog.}

The Mastermind Behind It All


Other ‘Favorites’ Bloggers

I knew when I picked a topic like ‘favorites’, there would no doubt be other bloggers choosing the same topic.  At first that was intimidating, but now I’ve realized its just plain fun.  Visit their pages and give them love as they journey along sharing their own favorites–its not as easy a topic to consistently write on as I first thought.  But oh, its fun!

31 Days of My Favorite Things by 


 Online Friends I’ve Met Through 31 Days & Otherwise
More Music Series Faves

Last year, I wrote 31 Days of Playlists.  It was by far, my favorite blog series I’ve written  yet.  Reeve’s series above is all about her new record, which I’ll be featuring later this month (with a giveaway!).  I found these other music series that I’m enjoying this year:
31 Days of Digital Mixtapes -
31 Days of Digital Mixtapes –
More Fantastic Favorites
31 Days of Artful Living
31 Days of Artful Living


  • What are you writing for 31 Days?
  • What are some of your ’31 Days Series’ favorites?
  • {if you’re writing a 31 Days series, let me know what you’re writing about in the comments – thanks!}

9 comments on “Day 5…My Favorite ’31 Days’ Series {2013}

  1. Hi Sarah, we are enjoying several of the same series. Non- fiction reads, authentic you, and speak live. I’ve been intrigued by the global trekking one. I’ll check it out. And I’ve been looking foe a good writing one, so I’ll look at finding your voice. I’m loving the less and more series as well as sweet water by Ellen’s series on hope. I’m writing about 31 days to impact ( how to intentionally impact your world ). I’m learning a lot and the discipline is very helpful. It’s getting me ready for a more intense writing month with nanowrimo in November. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay, thank you! Who knew a year ago, right?! 🙂 So glad that you’ve compiled this list. It will give me a place to start! I’ve been in overwhelmed-land lately, so I’ve not been able to read many series yet… This is wonderful!

    1. Yay – how fun that we have similar 31Days taste! 🙂 Oh my goodness – I didn’t realize you were writing a 31 Days series! I just checked it out, and I love it! 🙂 (I’ve got to check out your makeup suggestions more thoroughly later!) I will be sure to add yours to my reading list!

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