Day 13…Sacro Speco {Linkup}


8 comments on “Day 13…Sacro Speco {Linkup}

    1. Thank you very much for asking! I would like to ask: what church would be using it? I’d also like you to keep the image as it (not cutting off my website name) if possible, only b/c I am copyrighting some of my photos. Can you let me know what church it is first? Thanks! 🙂

        1. Thanks so much for sending me a private message – I’m SO sorry I am just now responding! I was out of town last weekend, and CRAZY busy, and meant to write you before my trip! I’ll be responding to your email today – thank you! (And yes – you can definitely share/use it. I am especially grateful you asked me about it first – thank you so much for doing that!)

    1. Absolutely – I’m honored that you would want to share it! Can you just leave it as is with the blog address on the bottom? (I tried to keep it small and unassuming). I’m NOT trying to promote my blog in any way in your study, I’m just trying to keep the picture in tact/as is when folks share. I’ve been shocked and humbled that people want to share my photos – and I trust you friend! Absolutely yes – and thanks for sharing it with such a no-doubt wonderful group of people!

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