Day 15…What Love Is All About – {An Interview & Giveaway With Reeve Coobs}


I first discovered Reeve through her blog about a year or so ago.  I was thrilled to find a kindred in the online world who was a musician, and a beautiful, creative soul, who uses her online space to share her music and her life with the world.  She shared a fantastic playlist on my first guest post ever at All Manner of Inspiration.  She wrote one of my favorite 31 Days series last year about her music-filled life.   This year, she has been sharing another of my favorite series – What Love Is All About – reflections on her record and her music–with a giveaway every single day!

{If you haven’t heard Reeve’s music, here’s a recording of one of my favorite songs on the record.  You’re welcome.}


I was thrilled to meet Reeve in real life last year at Allume, and our conversation about family and music around a conference dinner table for a few precious minutes was one of my favorite moments of connection I experienced that weekend.

This year, she has released her first full length album {and one of my favorite album releases this fall}

What Love Is All About.  

{Click the link above to purchase her record and fun merchandise–including t-shirts, keychains and more.}

I was honored and elated when Reeve obliged me and answered some interview questions about her musical influences and new record.  She’s a consummate musician, and I love how she always recommends such incredible music.   Hearing more of her story just makes me love her record all the more.  {Check out the rest of her ’31 Days’ series for insights into her new songs and some fantastic performance videos!}


An Interview with Reeve Coobs

Sarah: Have you lived in North Carolina all of your life?  How does where you live influence your music? (nature around you, community, friends, etc.)


Reeve: I have lived in North Carolina all but two years of my life. I moved to Tennessee in 2001 and loved my little life there, but I’m definitely a North Carolina girl through and through. I would say that the South in general influences me. My music has a subtle Southern sound. Sometimes people that aren’t from the South will immediately think I write “country” music. It always makes me giggle because in the South, we don’t necessarily consider steel guitar or a slight accent as “country”, it’s just music to us. But, I think that’s my home coming out through my music.


Sarah: What {or who} were the strongest musical influences for you on this album?


Reeve: Most definitely my electric guitarist/producer/musical soul-mate, Jeff Williams. He worked so very closely with me on this project. [He] always pushes me to become a better writer and gave me [the]constructive criticism I needed. Without him, this record would have NEVER been made.


Sarah:  Who are your Top 10 favorite musical artists?


Reeve:  In no particular order, cause I just can’t…

Gemma Hayes
The Beatles
Over the Rhine
Those Bastard Souls
Jill Andrews
Patty Griffin
Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown
Sarah Harmer


Sarah:  Six word memoir that captures your life as an artist?

Reeve:  She turned her pain into beauty.


Sarah: Top 3 albums to bring to a desert island?



Gemma Hayes – Night on My Side
The Beatles – White Album
Those Bastard Souls – Debt and Departure tied with Over The Rhine – The Trumpet Child


Sarah: Favorite lyricist?

Reeve: Gemma Hayes


Sarah: Favorite guitarist?

Reeve: Gemma Hayes


Sarah: Favorite songwriter?

Reeve: Gemma Hayes (do you see a pattern yet?)


Sarah: Any plans in the works to  tour/perform in support of this album? (along with the CD release party November 1st?)  If so, when and where?


Reeve: I have hopes to,  but no shows outside of North Carolina/South Carolina area as of yet. If anyone wants to host a house concert in their home… I’m there!


Sarah: What is one of your favorite things about your album?


Reeve: The pedal steel guitar on Night Owl. It was played by my friend Rodney Lanier who passed away a few months after he recorded it. I love that I have this memory of him with me forever. And that I can just press play and feel like he’s sitting right next to me.


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I’m giving away a copy of Reeve’s new album to one lucky reader!

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Good Luck!

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  1. Right this second? Favorite artist is JJ Heller and the song What Love Really Means.

    Thanks for this fun giveaway! I love your 6-word memoir question. I may have to “borrow” that if I ever do interviews on my blog….

    1. JJ Heller is great, isn’t she? Glad you liked the memoir question – I read that question in a Brene Brown interview, so you should definitely use it in your interviews too 🙂 Thanks for chiming in! 🙂

    1. Such wonderful musical artists! I need to check out Feed Your Soul – I love Christa Wells. I’m also a fan of Audrey Assad – need to check out her newest album too – thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

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