Sacro Speco {Sacred Space} Linkup



{Thanks so much for grace as I have been away from the blog longer than I have wanted to be these past few weeks.  We completed an out of state move the day before Thanksgiving, and have been ‘iced in’ at our happy home for the past three days, where we have been gladly unpacking boxes and making our home livable.  I have been writing, but unable to publish blogs until recently.  I can’t thank you enough in advance for grace in getting ‘back to normal.’}

I hope this time of Advent has been sowing into your spirit, and that this pause for Sacro Speco each week can be a part of the waiting, the rest and the gift of this glorious Christmas season.

2 comments on “Sacro Speco {Sacred Space} Linkup

  1. I keep seeing the best quotes popping up all over from that Ann Voskamp book! I’m doing my best to slow down this season… but how is it already December 9???? Just one more weekend and then my family shows up to celebrate Xmas. Yikes!

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