How About A Linkup? {Let’s Share What We’ve Read This Year!}


I don’t know about you, but I read more books cover to cover in 2013 than I think I’ve ever read before in one year.


This year, reading has nourished me, inspired me and helped me feel peace amidst a constant state of limbo.  It even felt life saving this summer.

In 2011, one of my favorite bloggers, the Nester, had an impromptu linkup for bloggers to share their year’s reading lists.  I, of course, {queen procrastinator that I am} didn’t see or post my linkup in time.  I did had a delightful time reading other blogger’s lists and ended up sharing my 2012 reads the first week of January on my blog.

This year, I kept looking around for other bloggers out there that may be hosting an end of year booklist roundup.  Today, I finally slapped my forehead with a “doh!” and realized I just needed to host a linkup myself!

To give everyone enough time to write the post {and because, really – wouldn’t you like to finish that book you’re lingering in by the end of the year?}, Im not going to put the link live on my blog until December 30th or 31st.  {I haven’t made my mind up yet which date.}  I’ll also be leaving it open for at least two weeks, for any last minute stragglers.  {Such as myself – no judgment here, friends!}  Share your year’s booklist, the books that you absolutely adored, or maybe the ones that didn’t quite yank your chain.  {Though I’d love to hear more about the books you loved than the ones you didn’t.}    If you have some book titles you’re looking forward to reading in 2014–or goodness, if you’re a writer and have a book coming out!–by all means, share those titles with us too!   I know if all of you are like me, you savor reading list recommendations by fellow bloggers, and I’m so excited to hear about the books you’ve read!

I know I don’t have a huge readership, so if this sounds like a linkup you’d enjoy, I’d love if you share the link to this post on your blog or in the social media medium of your choice.  I don’t normally ask such things here, but I’d love to get the word out, and well…we all know it’s about community, right? 

I hope you’ll come back around these parts in a few weeks to share your favorite {or maybe not so favorite} reads.  Meanwhile, I’ll be sharing some reading resources I love, like books for Advent and books on creativity before the end of the year.  {I’ll also have my Christmas playlist live hopefully by the end of the week, if you need some jolly tunes to listen to while you write or decorate the tree!}

Thanks in advance for linking up friends – I can’t express enough how the community I’ve connected with in the blogosphere has blessed my life this year!

Come back and link up your end of year reading list posts at the end of December!



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