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This is my first book club experience–in person, online or otherwise.  I am humbled, excited and grateful to be a part of the SheLoves community for the first time with a little yellow book that I dearly treasure.

 My best friend Janie says I have the ability to gracefully navigate groups of people with widely diverse opinions and viewpoints. When she first said that to me, I thought she was spouting crazy talk. Best friends have a tendency to make your behaviors seem more noble than their original intent. Sometimes I end up tiptoeing around ideologies I disagree with to avoid discord. At the same time, I believe passionately there’s a lot of gray in a black and white world and all of the different perspectives out there are desperately needed and beautiful.

Then I thought about my different groups of friends and the diverse nature of the worlds  and the vocation of making a living in the creative world. I realized if you put all of my friends, colleagues, church lady-kindreds, and online buddies in a room, it would either be one heckuva party or have record potential for some perhaps heated and passionate discussions.

I love that diversity. I love the melting pot of all those viewpoints and passions and opinions. That concept is at the heart of Jesus Feminist– that ALL women are valued and loved and full of unique thoughts and ways of thinking, and that’s just how Our Creator made us.

I’m honored to be discussing one of my favorite reads, Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist, as part of The Red Couch Book Club, over at SheLoves Magazine today!  Head on over and discuss this book with me in the comments!     {To follow along on Twitter, the official Red Couch Book Club hashtag is #redcouchbc for quotes and discussion.}

2 comments on “The SheLoves Magazine Red Couch Book Club – Jesus Feminist

  1. I haven’t read Jesus Feminist yet, though I have it waiting on my Kindle. I suspect I’ll spend hours online reading all the reviews the second I’m finished with it, just to catch up on the conversation!!

    1. I hope you enjoy Jesus Feminist as much as I did – I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Posting at SheLoves, and the comments and conversation on JF were amazing – it was so wonderful to resonate with so many women on thoughts that I sometimes feel I have by myself. 🙂 Congrats on your gorgeous girl Mary!

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