Mixtape Monday – A Year of Playlists – January 2014


My friends, it has been entirely too long since my last playlist.  {After all, what good is Christmas music in January?}

One of my blogging goals this year is to be consistent.  Period.  I have been guilty of stopping and starting more than one series on this blog, and I’ve let too much dust settle on one of my favorites, Mixtape Monday.

Hence, some musical motivation.

Drawing inspiration from online influences like Leigh, {Founder of one of my favorite monthly linkups, What I’m Into} and Blaine {who introduced me to scratch tracking and has some of the coolest blog playlists around}, I’ve decided feature at least one monthly post with my current musical playlist from that month.  I also think it will be fun to document and record a year’s worth of my music tastes–a musical online journal, if you will.

{Note: I have switched to using Spotify playlists because of their wide database selection, and the popularity of their music player.  You should be able to listen to this playlist with a free Spotify account.  If for some reason you can’t get it to work, please find the song listings below.  Follow me and my playlists on Spotify here.}

January’s mix tape includes gems from a new favorite movie soundtrack – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,  some favorites off of Lone Bellow’s gem of a debut album, some soft acoustic guitars, a classic by Stevie Wonder with the bass stylings of Sting, and even a throwback to a favorite high school band, The Cure.  Coldplay’s Atlas is a song that haunts me in a good way, and by far, my favorite and most played tune this month has been The Wolves & The Ravens. 

 What I Listened to in January {A Year of Playlists – 2014}
  • 1.   The Wolves & The Ravens – Rogue Valley
  • 2.    Atlas – Coldplay
  • 3.   Fortune – William Fitzsimmons
  • 4.   Teach Me To Know – Lone Bellow
  • 5.   Healer – Holly Ann
  • 6.   Space Oddity/Ground Control {with Kristen Wiig} – David Bowie
  • 7.   Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars
  • 8.   Higher Ground/Roxanne – Stevie Wonder & Sting
  • 9.   Gypsy – Suzanne Vega
  • 10.  It Is Well – The Ember Days
  • 11. Everything That Rises – Songs of Water
  • 12. Stay Alive – Jose Gonzalez
  • 13.  Button – Lone Bellow
  • 14. Green Eyes And A Heart of Gold – Lone Bellow
  • 15.  Pictures of You – The Cure


What did you listen to in January?  


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4 comments on “Mixtape Monday – A Year of Playlists – January 2014

    1. So glad you like the mix tapes! They are really one of my favorite things to do, but I didn’t know if people liked reading and listening to them. (I really need to do a blog survey.) I do like the mellow feel of this particular playlist. Next month’s is surprisingly the opposite so far. 🙂

  1. Yay! I love Atlas. I’ve been listening to Stay Alive and Step Out from Walter Mitty, David Bowie, some pieces from the Gravity soundtrack and the Frozen soundtrack. Thanks for the music!

    1. So glad you liked the playlist Mimi! I’d love to know what tracks you liked most on Gravity – that movie was so powerful! I love that whole ‘Mitty’ soundtrack, and have it on play non-stop since I downloaded it. Hope all is going well in your world!

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