My First Virtual Book Exchange {We Heart Books}


I happily kicked off 2014 in the online world by participating in The Virtual Book Exchange, hosted by brilliant bloggers Katie {one of my online kindreds}, Kalyn & Emily. This post is part of their linkup to share our book exchange fun!

I love this simple, yet genius idea:  Get together a group of women {or men} by pairing them up from a sign-up list, sharing their book likes/dislikes and wish lists,  and each person buying/giving a book to their appointed online book buddy–I mean, what’s not to like?

I signed up early, so I was quite excited to receive my match email last month.  Chrissy is a teacher, and takes her online privacy pretty seriously, so I won’t divulge any other info, other than to say she is a kind, fellow book kindred.

I searched through her Amazon wish lists, and really enjoyed the diversity of books I found.  I was torn, because she had a few on there I want to read as well, but haven’t yet. {Like Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson and Creative Thursday by Marisa Cummings.}   There were a few on her list I’ve read and loved that I almost picked, like  Seven by Jen Hatmaker {a runner up on my life changing books list}, or Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

I finally settled on a book not on her list, because it is a favorite of mine, and I thought it would resonate with her. 

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is a Newbery Award winner, and was my favorite YA read last year.  I so wanted to include a copy of A Wrinkle In Time as well, {Its my favorite YA read of my all time, and ties in beautifully with the plot of WYRM}, but I decided to give her another book from a completely different genre that comes highly recommended.


Because I’m also an AVID journaler, I think its important to give journals to people who might love them any chance I get.  This favorite of mine was the perfect addition for a fellow book nerd.  The journal was already in my personal collection, and both of her reads were priced just right, so I got away with giving her multiple items and came in on budget – per the exchange guidelines.  A win for everyone!


When I went to Montreal last month, I discovered this gorgeous card catalog stationary set.  I had fun writing Cassie a card, and included one of my favorite book quotes on the envelope.


Cassie’s package to me came in the mail to me a few days before she received mine.  She wrapped it so beautifully–I could tell she had given it much thought and consideration, which I loved.    Not only did she give me a fantastic book (so I’ve heard), she included a personal note, and a handmade bookmark from her current hometown–so thoughtful!


I’d actually forgotten that I included The Fault In Our Stars on my wish list.  Truthfully, I’ve been a little apprehensive about reading it, as I’ve lost multiple family members {including my Mom} to cancer.  I’ve been reassured by many-a-reader-friend {including Chrissy} that I will still enjoy this read, so I’m looking forward to it.  {I’m also glad I’ll have read the book before the movie comes out.}


For someone who loves reading, books, and beautifully wrapped packages in the mail {who doesn’t?}, my first book exchange experience knocked it out of the park.

If you want a fun, economical way to give and receive some good reads, sign up here to be a part of the next book exchange!


Did you participate in the Virtual Book Exchange?   If not, would you be interested in doing so next time?  Let me know in the comments!

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3 comments on “My First Virtual Book Exchange {We Heart Books}

  1. I love love love how much both of you ladies enjoyed the exchange – which is so evident in the time you spend wrapping and sending gifts. Thank you for participating and making this an amazing event. Every time I visit a blog who linked up, I’m always adding more to my “to-read” list!

  2. I wish I could’ve participated this time. Thanks for writing a post about it, really helps me better understand how the whole thing worked. I’m hoping I get to join next time : )

  3. Loved everything about it! I’m so glad we were partnered up with each other! I enjoyed meeting you so much and will gladly update you as soon as I have read the books. Thanks so much for a great experience!!

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