Noisetrade {Free!} Downloads for Your {2014} Christmas/Holiday Playlist


Yes, Yes, I know- Christmas Day 2014 has come and gone!

I began compiling this list of new-to-me music from Noisetrade before Christmas, and due to the usual busyness of the season, along with  some crazy health scares {everything is good now, Praise God!} I didn’t post this music list.

Given that I’m a huge fan of Noisetrade and excellent, not-quite-mainstream Christmas tunes, I decide to hit publish on this post, even though its a day late and dollar short.

Just chalk it up to my commitment to myself to start publishing blog content, instead of defaulting to my usual procrastination in pursuit of perfection.

Have a good listen to these tunes whilst we’re still in one of my favorite times of the year– the week of the holidays before New Years.  Or, download this music for next year–it’ll still be delightful then.  And while you’re at it, tip the musicians whose music you download – they work hard at their craft for your lovely listening ears to hear. I’ve also linked directly to the artist’s website wherever possible.

Important disclaimer: I am not being compensated in any way for these links – I just love Noisetrade and good music! 

Merry {Belated} Christmas & Cheers to a Happy New Year!


Even The Snow Turns Blue – An Over The Rhine Christmas Compilation


Glad Tidings – Five Oaks Christmas


Merry Christmas. Good Night. – Various Artists


Sleeping At Last – Christmas 2014 Collection


Branches – Songs for Christmas

What are you some of your favorite holiday tunes?

{If you’d like to peruse my previous Christmas playlist posts, here’s last years, and one from  2012.}

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