About Me

  I’m so happy to e-meet you here! 


I believe in the importance of embracing our creativity, of finding inspiration in every corner of life, and of encouraging others to do the same!

As this blog’s self-proclaimed Curator of Creativity, I consider it my job to do just that: to find inspiration and pass it along to you, wherever your journey may have you.

All Manner of Inspiration is both a catalog of what inspires me and a resource for other Creatives pursuing their own brand of art-filled living.


  • I’m inspired by my faith:  My faith permeates every part of my life, and I’ve been a seeker of the Hound of Heaven since I can remember.  I’m a seeker of Sacred Space, where I can be closer to God and all things eternal.  I love Jesus, first and foremost, and I love people, whether they love Jesus or not.  


  • I’m inspired by music: Music is my first love, passed down to me by my Grandmother – a big band jazz vocalist – and my drummer Dad. I was a musician first, which blossomed into a career in musical theatre performance.   I finally completed my degree in Musical Theatre last year–just call me your quintessential musical theatre nerd!   Beyond the joy of live performance, I find the music I fill my days with to be an integral part of my creative process. I share playlists here to encourage creativity in the everyday – a favorite of mine was my 31 Days of Playlists project.



  • I’m inspired by the Creative Process: I’ve been a creative for as long as I can remember, from the imaginings and dreams of a little girl, to being a theatre performer, to my current creative pursuits.  I’m passionate about passing along knowledge and wisdom of fellow creatives and artists through curating resources on this blog, along with encouraging everyone I can in their own creative process.


  • I’m inspired by adventures in the everyday: There’s really no end to the inspiration I see in the world around me. It could be a walk with my husband and our sweet pup Daphne, a great meal, a conversation with a new friend, or the photos in my Instagram feed . . . there’s something to inspire everywhere I look. Do you see it, too?
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Photographer extraordinaire Kim Deloach captured my goofy ways and love of Instagramming.

Whether it be music, words, or the heartfelt thoughts of this Creative,  I hope you find inspiration here!

Join the conversation in the comments (or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook), and let’s spur each other on to greater creativity and artistry in the everyday.

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  1. Sarah – I think we’d be friends! It looks like we have lots in common…including what to put on your own “About Me” page. Totally understand! {I also looked at Eighth Day’s link…and I feel like I need a reason to go to the midwest… I pretty much clapped on their “About Us” page!}

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