Paradise With The Fam

I am sitting at a desk in the ‘study’ (if one can call it that) of an incredible beach…house? Or should I say villa? Or bungalow?

Anyhow, this girl who usually likes to find the perfect word descriptor could care less in this moment, because I feel like I’ve been given a gift of oasis in Paradise.   I am spending a few days with my Dad and family at a rented beach house on the coast of California, right outside of Ventura.  I’ve never stayed anywhere this luxurious and beautiful!    I can hear the crash of the waves and smell the salt air 24-7, as we have been keeping of the doors and windows open to the spectacular deck. and ocean view.  I walked along the beach this morning–it was high tide, so I crawled along the rocks and searched for shells.  Then I found a large rock and bathed in the sun while doing my devotional and praying.

Aside from the mountains, the next most perfect place for me to feel God’s presence is the ocean. I took deep breaths of the salty air, and every intake of breath became a prayer. So often I am constantly thinking, or talking, or worrying, or analyzing, but this morning, I took time to not only commune with the Lord in His gorgeous creation, I was silent and listened for Him to speak. And let me tell you — hearing the crash of the waves– it was enough. I felt peace and grace and strength as I focused on God, and reveled in His glorious creation.

Speaking of glorious creation 🙂 (sorry, I couldn’t resist), we’re on a surfer’s beach, and most of the perfect waves for the surfers to catch drop  right by our deck.   We’ve got to talk to some of them as they are focus on finding the wave of their little surfer dreams.   They are very sweet and polite and gorgeous, I might add–wink,wink.  (Indulge me, it’s summer in Cali!

As I was walking back to our deck, I ran into one of the surfers who was coming up to the beach before he caught another wave. He asked me for the time, and it was all I could do to wipe off the silly/happy grin I had as I found out for him.  He had an accent I couldn’t place, and his smile lit up…everything! 🙂

Right now, we are soaking up the sun.  We’re enjoying good conversation, Jimmy Buffet on surround sound, cold Corona with extra lime, sweet puppy dogs, and most importantly, each other’s company. I haven’t had the chance to spend this kind of quality time with most of this side of my family in years.  It makes me sad, but unfortunately, its not been of my choosing. I hope and pray God is in the process of reconnecting us–each moment here is truly a cherished gift.

I am constantly marveling at the way God works.  Many of our Asian tour cast members went to the island of Malaysia to wait out our layoff, and I found myself wishing I was there. But now I see God’s perfect ordering of days.  He knew I needed not just an oasis on the beach, but time with my loved ones.  I am looking forward to seeing my tour friends once again in Harbin, China in a matter of weeks!

I want to type more, but this keyboard is funky, and my typos are abounding, so I am going to step back outside into the sun, and soak up the moment! I will post pics as soon as I can connect my own laptop.

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying a sunny Sunday June Summer Day!

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