Happy List Update

It’s Saturday night, and instead of galavanting around town, I am enjoying myself immensely by sitting in a warm & toasty cafe, hanging out with my sweet friend Kelly–who is knee deep in a good book–drinking hot chocolate.

I’m listening to some of my favorite music and writing–bliss.
I have been asked to share some current  ‘happy list’ morsels.

In light of the past week’s Christmas cheer, drum roll please….


**”Silent Night” sung on Christmas Eve by candlelight.

**Singing “Breath of Heaven” @ the Christmas Eve service, and it turning out well, despite the fact that the first time I sang it aloud with the pianist was in front of the congregation–God is so good!

**Making a Christmas mix CD that my friends enjoy.

**”Whole, unbruised, unbroken men are of little use to God.” –J.R. Miller

**”Love casts out fear like the sun burns out the mist in the morning.” –Allie Dearest’s priest

**”…And that guy at Trinity Christian is ah-maz-ing! His voice is like a slip-n-slide it’s so smooth!”

**Holding a kitten & not having an allergic reaction.

**Sitting in the dance studio in Dallas; and suddenly being overwhelmed by emotion that this place, this space–any rehearsal studio, really– feels like home. Realizing performing will always be in my blood, and being grateful.

**”Your home should rise up to meet you, and it can’t do that if there’s clutter all over the place.” –Oprah

**An ever-so-tiny Christmas bonus! The fact that I even got one was such a surprise, and a nice one at that!

**My best friend Janie laughing so hard when I called a terabyte a “tegabyte”. (It could’ve been called a ‘termite’ for all I knew!)

**a cartoon that made me chuckle @ the counter of the White Rock Coffee Shop: “Stocks plummeted today on forecasts that the sun will rise again and tomorrow will be another day.”

**Taking communion.

**Hugs from my stepdad.

**The song “White Horse by Over the Rhine…Come to think of it, I like alot of tunes with that same title.  (Two come to mind–one by Taylor Swift & one by the now defunct band Earthsuit.  (And isn’t Earthsuit a clever band name?)

**”God trained Moses in a palace to use him in a desert. He trained Joseph in a desert to use him in a palace. Some come thru winding paths, some thru the nicely paved road of privileged birth or influential friends. Others come thru the visitation of circumstances with wandering and sudden signposts. Finding one’s calling is one of the greatest challenges in life especially when one has gifts that fan out in many directions.” –Ravi Zacharias “The Grand Weaver”

What are your ‘happy list moments’ today?

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  1. We sing Silent Night to candlelight at the Christmas Eve Service too, followed by a soloist singing O Holy Night. Its so beautiful, magical, and definitely on my happy list as well! Miss you!

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