Day 10…A Playlist to Feed Your Soul and Monday’s Gratitude

For a good part of my life, I have been a musician.

And whether I’m researching music for an onstage role, travelling the miles and needing some musical inspiration, or just ‘actively waiting’ and living life,  I love musical playlists.

The joy of discovering new songs that speak to my innermost being, teach me something, remind me of something I’ve already learned, or just plum speak to my soul–well, music just makes me soul happy.  If I’m reading a blog or a book, and there’s a playlist to check out, color me golden – I’m there!

So, in light of our our 31 Days together, I’ve compiled a short playlist of tunes to groove along to in the active waiting process. 

Even if you don’t find yourself waiting on something, I hope these songs will deliver some joy and grace to your moments.

I thank God everyday for the gift of music, and the beauty is we’re only grazing the top of whip cream in the cappuccino with this list.  I look forward to sharing more playlists with you!

A Playlist for Waiting
Love is Waiting – Brooke Fraser
Waiting On The World To Change – John Mayer
I Will Wait For You There – Phil Wickham
The World Awaits – Ryanhood
Waiting In Vain – Annie Lennox & Steven Lipson

Waiting To Be Found – Ashton, Becker, Dente

Waiting Here For You – Christy Nockels
So grateful for music amidst the waiting process, and the gratitude that moves in my heart when I listen.
I always loving linking my posts up with Ann Voskamp, at A Holy Experience.
What are songs that you ‘wait’ to?  What are ways you stay grateful in your moment of waiting?
When a piece enters the soul of a man who knows music, autumn seems eternal from the terrace.
~Chen Hung-Shou


One comment on “Day 10…A Playlist to Feed Your Soul and Monday’s Gratitude

  1. Sarah,

    i loved your post. the song by Christy Nockels…i really needed to hear it today.

    i understand the waiting and how hard it is. im waiting in a totally different way right now, but waiting like you. it. is. hard. i keep trusting Him. and songs like this, and posts like this are encouraging to my spirit.

    blessings in His grace,


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