Day 29…Blogs I Read & More 31 Days…


I’ve been meaning to post a list of some of the other ’31 Day’ series I’ve been enjoying during this wondermous month of blogging. When I’ve been tempted to just give up or desert this project, going to this lovely list at one of my favorite blogs and reading new words and discovering new-to-me blogs has been a delightful source of inspiration… Perhaps check out these blogs and catch up on a series or two?

I absolutely love this blog, and Annie’s series on courage has taught me much 🙂
The Nester is one of the masterminds of this amazing project that has united 700 bloggers with one beautiful writing purpose…  Her blog has incredible home decor ideas, and I love the motto of her blog “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”.  (She also wrote a most lost lovely article/post on day 27  about Blessings Unlimited – of which I am a new consultant.  Her pic is the button link to my website to the right – give the pic a click and check out the beautiful products. I read this blog almost daily, as well as her sister’s, which brings me to…

 This is another blog I read almost daily…I first heard of the 31 Days post series concept on her blog, as I read her wonderful series from last year, “31 Days of Grace”.  (In truth, I wanted that to be my topic, but I knew I couldn’t write with half of the clarity and insight that I read in her words)  She also has a new book, “Grace For the Good Girl – Letting Go of the Try Hard Life” that I’m currently reading…her writing is so fantastic – I keep highlighting my favorite paragraphs like it’s my job. 🙂  You can’t go wrong by reading anything she writes….

This is a new blog to me…and I love this topic as well.  The images are beautiful, the thoughts profound.  I love this writer’s insight…when I visit this blog, the classical music soothes my hurried spirit, and her words take me to a contemplative mindset, which I love…I will continute to read this blog after the posts!
There are so many incredible blogs with interesting and inviting posts in this 31 Days series…Reading and learning from this incredible network of blogs has been invaluable in my quest for blog knowledge, and inspiring as I continue to figure out my bloggy voice.  Thanks so much for continuing to take the journey with me!
“A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation.”
–Andrew Sullivan

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