Tuesdays Unwrapped…A Trip to the South…

A couple of weeks ago, the Love of My Life and I took a weekend trip to the South to visit his family.   I was raised in Kansas, and the deep South has always felt like a fairy tale, or a place I read about in a book.  Now, I am happy to visit quite frequently, as it is my husband’s homeland.
I so enjoyed being in a town where someone personally knew my sweet mother-in-law at every shop we visited.
Where the bright colors of the fall foliage took my breath away.
Where I gazed on the glimpse of my first sighting of a cotton field.
Where I had hot tea and homemade preserves on my biscuit for breakfast.
I am grateful to have visited a place that felt like a home I’d always wanted, but until recently, had never experienced.   Time felt like it moved slower, moments vivid and delicious in my memory, laughter and love ever constant.
I’m linking up today with  Chatting At the Sky today as bloggers from all over the blogisphere share their moments of joy and beauty at Tuesdays Unwrapped. 
For these moments, in this place, I slow down.  If only for a few minutes, we have permission to take the time to unwrap the small, secret gift of the everyday.
~Emily Freeman, Chatting At The Sky

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